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My Main Objective in Life is to Teach to others the many valuable lessons I have learned over the years. When that comes to Special Needs Students, I firmly believe that everyone has a Special Purpose in life, and I enjoy bringing out the best in all of my students. Skills can be developed by a wide variety of learning opportunities, so I believe it is my job to bring those opportunities to each individual student. It is a wonderful thing to witness someone discover their strengths so they can go out into the world fully confident in their ability to do well and to be successful.


Los Angeles Unified School District, Community Based Instruction (CBI), Special Education, Westchester High School. 2006 - Present. I have been fortunate enough to teach a wonderful group of students with Special Needs in this amazing CBI Program. We actively ran the School Garden, participated in Gardening Programs with Descanso Gardens, had very active Cooking and Work Experience Programs, alongside a highly interactive Academic Program, with an emphasis on Technological Skills, Reading, Math and Money Awareness.

Los Angeles Unified School District. Special Education, Severely Handicapped, Senior Division, Widney High School. 1990-1993. I love Teaching Special Ed., and this was a particularly wonderful Teaching Position. You develop very close ties with your Students, Staff and Parents when you are Teaching Special Needs Students.

DeVry Institute for Technology, Calgary. 1996. I taught Speech (Public Speaking) and 1st Year English to over 200 Students. It was very enjoyable to Lecture and Teach at the College Level.

Calgary Board Of Education, Adult Division. 1995/96. Scriptwriting. I developed and Taught a Scriptwriting Course for an Adult Community Course. I had the great opportunity to work with some promising up-and-coming Writers.

Hastings Board of Education, Quinte High School & William R.Kirk. 1989/90. High School English and High School Special Education. This Position was split between Two Schools.

Prince Edward Heights. Adult Special Needs Program Instructor. 1987/88.

Prince Edward Board of Education. Alternatives Program, Adult Special Needs Education. 1986/87.

ARC Industries. Adult Special Needs Program Manager & Instructor. 1985/86.

ABC Children's Learning Centre. After-School Program Instructor. 1985.

Hastings County Board of Education. Supply Teaching. Kindergarten-Grade Eight. 1984.


WRITING: All the Writing and Development of My Building, Construction and Family-Oriented Site.

The Simpsons. 3 Full-Length Spec. Scripts, including one Featuring Ben Johnson, Olympic Sprinter.

Ben Johnson, The Ben Johnson Story. This was Written in Collaboration with Ben Johnson, intended for an Animation Series.

Romance Novel, Children's Books, Articles, Website.

Website Development and Management, 2001 - 2011. ,

I have spent the past ten years Writing and Developing this very substantial Website, which enjoys a large Readership and a great deal of Monthly Traffic. My plan is to continue with the website management, and build on the growth I have already experienced. This website grew out of a desire to teach people how to Manage their Finances and ultimately being able to buy or build their own home. The Site grew to include anything I felt was useful to Everyday Living, that wasn't being taught elsewhere. I consider this work one of my best 'Teaching Experiences', because of the sheer number of people I have been able to help. Also, I've learned more about the Computer than I ever would have imagined for myself, so that was an added bonus.

Construction -- Building and Renovation, 1996 - 2006. Over these years I have Renovated, Developed and Built a number of Buildings, culminating with the Design and Build of my own 5400 square foot home. It was a huge undertaking, and I came away with innumerable Skills and Knowledge that will serve me well in the Future.



California Teaching Credentials Held: Document Title Expiration Date / Status

Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential 08/01/2012

District Intern Credential 12/01/2010

Level I Education Specialist Instruction Credential 03/01/2014

Level II Education Specialist Instruction Credential 08/01/2014

University of Southern California, Dominguez Hills. 1991-93, Part-Time. Began working on my Masters of Education Degree in Special Education. I will be continuing with my Masters Degree.

Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Bachelor of Education. 1981-84. This was the Concurrent Education Program, so I began taking the Education Degree Classes and Student Teaching in Year 1, culminating in a Full Year of Classes and Student Teaching in Year 4.

Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada. Bachelor of Arts. 1981-83. English and Classics.

York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Summer School, 1986. High School Teaching Qualification.

Queen's University, Continuing Education, Special Education. Part-Time F/W Session, 1985-86. Special Education I.

F.O.L.P. Fitness Instructor Certification, Ontario, Canada. 1985.

First Aid, Special Education Workshops, and a Variety of Other Professional Workshops & Sessions.



Ms. Edie Weeks, Special Education Department Head, Westchester High School.

Dr. Kenneth Pride, Principal, Orville Wright Middle School.

Mr. Anthony Solomon, Assistant Principal (Retired), Westchester High School.

Mrs. Fonna Bishop, Retired Principal, LAUSD (Interim Principal at Westchester High School).

Mr. Elias Miles, Administration, Westchester High School.

Mr. Fred Page, Teacher, Westchester High School.

Mr. Marvin Cooper, Healthy Start Program, Westchester High School.

Ms. Jo Bernstein, Head of Magnet Program, Westchester High School.