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Build, Buy, Renovate or Sell Your Own Home. Your Completely Free Source for Building and Renovation Information on the Net. Diet, Fitness, Recipes, Books , Weekly Update, Shopping -- even a Sex Tip! Valentine's Day Gifts! - <Try Free For 3 Days!> (In case you're looking for a New Valentine!) Valentine Recipes

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Whether you are Building Your Own House, Having Your New Home Built for You, or Renovating Your Current Home, you've found the right place. You will find everything you need to know to Build Your Own House or do a Complete Renovation of Your Home. If you are thinking about Buying a New Home or Selling Your Home, you'll find lots of useful information to help you Buy or Sell your own house, and have a few laughs, too!

Find out How to Sell Your Home, How to Buy Your First Home, Everything You Want to Know about Mortgages that No One Will Ever Tell You (!), Investing in Real Estate for Your Retirement (or just to Get Rich! ha,ha,ha!)... All Sorts of Great Financial Information! And now I have direct links to the MLS Real Estate Listings, so you can check out Houses and Land! Home Search -- MLS . Get an Online Mortgage -- or at least see what you can Qualify for!

If you want to do some Renovations to your current home, there are plenty of tried and true ideas that will give your home a complete makeover. Home Improvement -- it's a great way to love your home even more and add to it's re-sale value! Sometimes some nice new Decorating is all you really need to spruce your place up...

Come in and see me (Ailsa Forshaw ) for My Weekly Update ,'At Home With Ailsa', with Home Improvement Tips, Great Building & Construction Ideas, Family & Relationship Chat, TV Talk -- All Sorts of Stuff to Make Your Whole Life Better(!) -- and, of course, Lots of Laughs!!

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Check out Ask Ailsa for The Answers to All Your Building, Construction, Real Estate, Family or 'Other' Questions!

This started out as primarily a Building Website, then I just added in whatever else happened to appeal to me, so now it's an enormous Site with The Scottish Diet & Exercise Tips (Complete Body Workout At Home and How to Get Rid of Cellulite), Delicious & Easy Recipes and all sorts of things, so check the Site Menu to see what's in here -- you might be surprised!

Click Here for the COOLest house plans on the 
Internet!! A great place to start dreaming!

Ailsa & Tia At Home with Ailsa - My Weekly Update Page! - More Pictures of Tia, The Dog!

Click Here for the Complete Site Menu. It's a Great Big Site, chock full of all sorts of Fun Stuff and Useful Information... take your time and have a wee look around -- I think you might be surprised by some of the stuff you find!

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Happy New Year to All My Lovely Readers!! I hope you have a Fantastic New Year, full of all the things your heart desires, and maybe a few nice surprises thrown in, too! Dream Big, Baby!

Read a Special New Years Message from Jim Gaffigan... all very funny!! You'll laugh, you might cry, and then I would urge you to have another look at your meds ... maybe that extra ritalin ain't as necessary as you thought... And now some hilarious New Messages from Jim Gaffigan, too! Click Here to read the messages from Jim!

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New Years is traditionally the time of year to start to assess and re-assess your life. Where you're going, where you've been, where you definitely don't want to go back to -- those sorts of things... and often you will want to increase your Level of Education, so if that's what you're thinking, pop in here for some Free Information for you to further your Life. Whether you are looking to begin your college education, or you are looking to upgrade to an MBA or Doctorate Degree, has a degree program for everybody! Get Free Information on getting a degree from an accredited or stats licensed online university from>

New Article -- How to Deal With Difficult People or, How to Not Go Mad During the Holidays... just what you need to start fresh in The New Year!

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New Links (It pays to be friendly to me! ha,ha!): These websites are owned by my new pal, Tom, in Los Angeles, California -- he's looking for Land and a Date...! I've been to both his Sites, and they both really good -- check 'em out!

Houses for Rent Search for a rental home, condo, apartment, townhouse, or house for rent. Property managers - List your rental property by placing a free ad listing

Find a Roommate This is a great Source for all sorts of People -- College Students, Divorced Dads... just kidding... although, this would make for a good 'transitional space'... I actually rented a Room in a Giant Victorian House in L.A. when I first moved down there with Cara (back in the '90's), and I met some of my favorite Friends, there. Good way to get into a New City.> Looking for an apartment? Search to find the home you’ve been looking for.

Here's a great link for you when you move to your New Place. <Search for a Dentist in Your Area - Find a Dental Plan that is Right For You>

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I love Classmates, because I've been able to reconnect with so many of my great 'old friends' (really, they're not that old, but they are all great!). Lots of fun to see names and faces of all sorts of folks you might have thought you'd lost contact with, forever... and you can meet new friends in all the 'clubs', too. Find your graduating class and reconnect with old friends. Over 60 million friends are already on -- you can be the next one! <Reconnect with old high school friends and college roommates today!>

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