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Whether you are Building Your Own Home, Having Your New Home Built for You, or Renovating Your Current Home, this is the Website for you. You'll find lots of information that will help you navigate your way through a Build or a Complete Renovation of Your Home, and have a few laughs, too!(And a Whole Lot More!) Site Menu

You'll find out How to Sell Your Home, How to Buy Your First Home, Everything You Want to Know about Mortgages that No One Will Ever Tell You (!), Investing in Real Estate for Your Retirement (or just to Get Rich! ha,ha,ha!)... All Sorts of Great Financial Info! And now I have direct links to the MLS Real Estate Listings, so you can check out Houses and Land! Home Search -- MLS

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Come in and see me (Ailsa) 'At Home With Ailsa' for My Weekly Update, with Home Improvement Tips, Great Building & Construction Ideas, Family & Relationship Chat, TV Talk -- All Sorts of Stuff to Make Your Whole Life Better(!) -- and, of course, Lots of Laughs!!

Check out Ask Ailsa for The Answers to All Your Building, Construction, Real Estate, Family or 'Other' Questions!

Well, it's snowing here, and it'll snow until, oh, next May, so my thoughts are turning once again to trying to convince Dwight how much we really, really need a Pool. These are just the right size for an Indoor Pool, too, don't you think? Yeah, me too -- now I just have to get Dwight to agree...Wish me luck! Plus, now I can at least see something nice and Blue when I click on my Website, and so can you! Endless Pools Counter-Current Swim Spa>(I ordered one of these Endless Pools DVDs so I can easily show Dwight -- they're completely FREE, and they have some great ideas for Decks & Sunrooms, too!)

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If you're looking to do some Renovations to your current home, we have plenty of tried and true ideas that will give your home a complete makeover. Home Improvement -- it's a great way to love your home even more and add to it's re-sale value!

- Our House Is For Sale

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< >Oh, and if you aren't ready to Buy or Build Your Own Home, just yet, or you need an Apartment to Rent while you are Building Your New Home (we almost all have to find a temporary home during a Build!). Find apartments with View photos, floor plans, take a virtual tour and more!>

< Affourd home improvements><Complete One Form, Get Up To Four Free Loan Offers>

It's a Great Big Site, chock full of all sorts of Fun Stuff and Useful Information... take your time and have a wee look around -- I think you might be surprised by some of the stuff you find!<



And, now you can pop in and check your Astrological Forecast (to see when you will get that Land or a New Love -- maybe both! ha,ha!) Free Monthly Horoscope

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The purpose of is to provide our visitors with a solid understanding of the building process. As such, I have taken pictures (and video, but I still haven't figured out exactly how to get that on the site!) of the entire building process of our new house. Check out the Time Line of the actual house construction and other information as our site grows. Visit us often to see what's new 'At Home with Ailsa'!

If you're a long time Reader, you'll have noticed that I've added all sorts of things that just don't seem so very related to Building... that's because I have all sorts of things I'm interested in, so I just add whatever happens to be on my mind, or other stuff I'm working on outside my website... It's all very exciting!

My Website ( & is designed to provide information to help you gain an understanding of the building process. We are not liable for any undertakings you will take. You are solely responsible for any actions you choose to take with your own building or renovation project. The material presented on this site is to the best of our information and is not intended to replace the work of any professionals in the building trades.

This Site,, is fully Owned and Operated by Ailsa Forshaw.

Thanks for Coming in for a wee visit! See you soon!

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OR Build, Renovate, Buy or Sell Your Own Home.

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