< St. Joseph Statue to Help You Sell Your House Faster!

There is a legend that has existed for many years that to sell your home quickly you can get help from St. Joseph. It is believed by many that he
will help to SPEED the sale of your property. From this legend these statues are ordered by people of all faiths many of whom send in their stories about
the fast sale they achieved when all else had failed. Does following the legend really work? Who can say, there are no guarantees. The way to find
out for yourself is to order one and follow the simple instructions of how to bury him on your property.

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When you order a basic kit you will receive a 4 inch statue, prayer card, instructions and
a plastic burial bag to keep your St. Joseph statue nice and clean, since once your house sells, legend has it that you are to take your St. Joseph statue to your new home, and give him a nice place to stay (perhaps until your next house sale??). Everything you need to get your home sold.

If you are a Realtor, you might like to order your St. Joseph statues in bulk -- save money and sell more houses! Great for you and fantastic for your clients! :)


checkout and you will receive a 10% discount on your order

Okay, so now it's back to me, Ailsa (!). My friend, Doug, told me about the legend of St. Joseph, when I was telling him that I put my condo on the market, last Friday. I love the whole thing where you put your house on the market, and desperately want it to sell within the first few days, if only because it's such a hassle to keep your house perfect all the time... not a thing out of place, and every bed made before you can step out the door in the morning, in case someone calls and your realtor is going to show a prospective buyer through your house... it's a giant hassle! Worth it, of course, to keep your place looking it's best while you're selling your property, but, man, how exciting is it to get a fast sale and a great price on your house? It's fantastic! Then you can just relax, enjoy the rest of your time in your home while you're getting ready to move onto your new home (and, in my case, a whole New Life...) without having to worry about your house sale, anymore ... yippee! Your house is sold!

So, of course I Googled the whole story of St. Joseph, and this legend goes back centuries, so I feel like anything that tried and true seems like a good idea, and we're all about praying to the Saints in our house... we loove St. Anthony -- we pray to St. Anthony whenever we've lost something and really want to find it... I think the prayer frees your mind, then you just seem to be lead to whatever you've lost (no, this didn't appear to work with Lost Love -- believe me, I tried that! haha!). But it does work wonders with lost keys, lost glasses, and anything else you might regularly misplace! And then, when I was at the waiting room at the Doctor's office, waiting for my mammogram (too much information?? haha!), I happened to pick up a magazine, and there was an entire magazine devoted to St. Anthony... who knew?? Did you know you can pray to St. Anthony to help heal you, too? Oh, yes, we pray to St. Anthony every night! And now we'll add in St. Joseph, to help us to sell our house quickly, and for a good price!

10 Tips to Sell Your House Faster -- some very practical tips on how to sell your house faster (why, it's just like the title of the page! lol!)

Quick Tip: Keep a face cloth or one of the new 'magic clothes' under each bathroom sink and under the kitchen sink, so you can quickly clean countertops, taps and mirrors so your house always looks sparkling clean for any prospective Buyers walking through! I just keep a magic cloth under the sinks all the time, now, since it's nice to always have tidy sinks and mirrors, plus, I just put in a new Black Cast Iron Sink with beautiful new taps in the kitchen, and I loove when it sparkles!

Buy your own St. Joseph statue to help your house sell faster at http://www.goodfortuneonline.net .

checkout and you will receive a 10% discount on your order.

Good Luck with your House Sale!