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Friday, June 4th, 2004. Yo, yo, yo! What up wit' mah Home-ies?? I had a lot of construction related calls to make, this morning, so it took me ages to get in here to right this... Dwight finally agreed that it's time to hire the Bobcat guy to skim that gravel off the Driveway -- the Driveway Pavers are coming next week, so we don't have any extra time... I'm not sure what Dwight was thinking... apparently, he was trying to wait until the Hockey Finals were over...! So I've scheduled the guys in between the last two Games -- if we even NEED Two More Games -- it's lookin' very, very good for The Calgary Flames to Win the Stanley Cup this Saturday Night -- man, and then Calgary is gonna Go MAD!!! We're all Flames Crazy up here, we're soooo excited about the Flames being so close to Winning the Cup! YaaHoo!

I don't know what the odds would be on finding a Ticket for any of these amazing Playoff Games -- for the NHL or the NBA, but this is a great Source to try! Oh, and I just turned on Ellen Degeneres's's's Show -- it was a repeat, but Chicago was on performing, and they just said that Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire will be Touring together this summer... man, wouldn't that be a Great Show??

So one of the other exciting Construction-Related Calls was to the Septic Service -- 'ooooh, tell me more!', you say? Okay, I know you're interested in that kind of sh... no, I can't say that... stuff. I had mentioned to Dwight a couple of weeks ago that I thought it would be a good idea to have the Septic Tank Cleaned before we Paved the Driveway, but I couldn't get an agreement on that (there's a big surprise!), until I called Dwight to let him know Ron the Bobcat Guy will be here, tomorrow. Then he says it would be a great idea to empty out the Septic System before the Driveway gets paved... sound familiar?? Ah, well, as long as it gets done. It's generally much easier around here if I just let Dwight think he came up with whatever idea there is, if it means getting the work done. Sometimes I will mention it later, but then he just shrugs it off as my 'fanciful thnking' (my words! ha,ha,ha!)...

Tip of the Day: When you live out in the Country and have a Septic Field, be sure to get your Septic Tank cleaned out every year, if you have a regular amount of people in the house, and other circumstances are in the 'normal' range, too... You can have your Septic Cleaning Service book you in for the same time every year, and that works out well for everyone. We're having that service done a little early, on account of the New Driveway going in -- we don't want anything to happen between now and the time the Pavement is 'set' so the giant Truck can drive up to the Tanks with no damage to the new driveway. Then the whole process doesn't need to happen again until next summer, and who knows where we'll be by then?? Actually, there's something kind of exciting about that -- not having a clue where I'll land by next summer! Hmmmmm... it's all open to speculation!

I still can't seem to get the Photoshop open -- that happens from time to time, for some unknown reason to me, so I'll go get you some pictures I came across yesterday -- they're cute!

So here's Tia wearing her Sweater! I'd forgotten all about these pictures -- I had them labelled under 2004, like I had a plan to only have a few pictures for the whole year! ha,ha!

** **

Tia is very careful to stay on the Carpet by the Back Door when she wants to go out or when she first comes back in to get her 'feet checked' -- she holds up one paw at a time so you can check to see if her paws are clean! ha,ha! Man, we love her sooo much! It's hard to believe that she's older than Aidan -- but she arrived in our little family a year before Aidan did!

See how she's on her Rope? We put a 100 foot Rope out the Back tied to the Deck, and there's one for the Front Door, too, although she rarely goes out the Front, anymore. She doesn't get to use the full 100 feet very often, because she quickly wraps herself around the only Tree of any substance in the back garden! Funny girl! So we wrap the extra rope around the corner post on the deck to 'reel her in' a wee bit, and that worked. You can see she has lots of room to run around -- she's a lucky wee dog!

Thanks for popping in for a wee visit! It's always lovely to see you! And I love that outfit you're wearing ... what is that? Pure Polyester? That's nice the way it stretches with you, no matter which way you go -- good choice! Just ignore those idiots who tell you to go change -- it's important to cling to your own personal style -- and I do mean 'cling'! ha,ha,ha,ha! (Yes, that last one was purely for my own enjoyment! Someone has to keep me amused around here! ha,ha!)

See you tomorrow for the Weekend Update!

Just 'Click' Your Way outta here, Baby! Thanks, Ailsa!

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Thursday, June 3rd, 2004. Hey, there, Honey-Babe! Sugar & Spice, Sweet & Sour -- oh, no, that's someone else I'm thinking of! ha,ha,ha! The important thing is to make sure the 'sweet' outweighs the 'sour', lest it won't be good! yuff, yuff! I just colored my hair (I always do that myself -- for some reason, every time I go to the Hairdressers to get it done, I end up looking like a direct relation to Carrot-Top, and that ain't good, so I just do it myself -- and that way I don't have to stop working, so that works for me, too!). I use L'Oreal B1 -- as in "B 1 Blonde, and see what happens"... it's always worth the experiment to try coloring your hair if the thought appeals to you...

Anyway, so I was looking in the enormous mirror, and I thought to myself, "Man, I could have been a Model... in the Twelfth Century!" ba-dum-bump ... I'll tell ya, I could change my name to 'Rubyn Esk', and people would say, "Oooh, that name really suits you...", then I would never speak to them again -- that's just the kind of Gal I am! ha,ha! Ah, well -- it would be fun to get to a Gym -- my days are so incredibly busy that I'm not sure where I'd fit it in... thankfully I still have my Home Gym Equipment, but I've been a little lax with it, lately, except for lifting my Free Weights in my Office while I'm working...

I spent all night, last night, trying to decide whether I should continue to write the Daily Updates, or if I should cut them back or cut them out altogether ... they are very time-consuming (I put in between 60 - 80 hours on My Site every Week, so that would give me the time to work on other aspects of the Site...), but I really enjoy writing them, and I like the response from my Brilliant Readers... hmmm. Tough call. I think I'll keep them for now, and stop them if I have to go get a 'Regular Job', since there's no way I could manage all of that at the same time. And since I was up all night thinking, I must have fallen asleep in the early morning, then when my Alarm went off, I must have shut it off and dozed back to sleep... that not good, as Thor the Neanderthal would say...

Thankfully, Cara got up with her Alarm, and I saw her walk past our Bedroom, but by then everyone was in a big panic because Dwight had a Crane Guy coming this morning for a Job he's doing in Calgary, and those Crane Guys arrive early and cost a fortune, so you never want to be late for them (Oh, and if you're looking for a great job in The Trades, consider training to become a Crane Operator -- they make a very healthy wage -- we know one young guy who was earning over $90 Grand by the time he was only 19 -- and Dwight dreams of owning a Crane, since you can rent them out to the big Oil Companies by the hour, 24/7... not a bad little deal if you can get it! Of course, a Crane costs about the same as a house, and we still need to have a home before we have a Crane, so he'll have to wait! But it's a good idea, should that opportunity ever find it's way to your doorstep...!).

So here's why I had to turn the Alarm off immediately -- Dwight hates my music -- I like R & B, Hip Hop, Soul... that sort of thing (actually, I like a very wide range of music, but that's what I like to wake up to...), but Dwight hates "that noise" -- he's 46 goin' on 90, I think! ha,ha,ha!(Yes, that's just for my own amusement -- and he's already wearing his black socks hiked up to his knees -- very disconcerting! ha,ha,ha!) Now, because of his extreme dislike of 'My Music', I have to turn the Radio Alarm off the second I hear it, so on regular days I leap out of bed, but not today... You know, I often wonder if I did return to the regular 'world of work', would I be able to get up consistently every day (on time...), but the reality is most likely that I wouldn't be with Dwight if I returned to 'The Outside World', so I could leave the music on as long as I liked -- I flirt with that idea from time to time (like from morning to dusk...! ha,ha,ha!). We'll see, we'll see...

Man, I still haven't called our Bobcat Guy to get the Gravel skimmed off the Driveway. Dwight is concerned that there will be too big a time frame between the time we get the Gravel skimmed off the Driveway and the time it takes for the Paving Company to come over to Roll and Prepare the Driveway for the Paving. We don't want to have a big sea of mud, that's for sure... I wanted Dwight to give me the okay before I hire yet another guy, and I don't have that, yet, so that's frustrating. Think I'll just go ahead and hire our Bobcat Guy, anyway -- the Pavers are supposed to be here next week, and I don't want to miss the opportunity to get this Driveway Paved.

Tip of the Day: Here's a little Lawn Mowing Tip I thought of after I was out mowing the lawn the other night -- Mow the Lawn in the Heat of the Day. It used to be that you would wait until it was cooler out (dusk) to mow the lawn, but it dawned on me the other night that those pesky wee mosquitoes might be out already, and now they pose a risk of West Nile Virus ... Typically, mosquitoes are at their worst in wet environments or in the evening. I can't remember now if they come out in the morning -- you know when you're camping, it feels like they're out in force day in and day out...! Anyway, if it's sunny and the grass is nice and dry, you should be a whole lot safer.

Well, Aidan wants me to go get him another snack, "to help him become even more super fast -- even more like a torpedo!" -- He's an entertaining little boy! I'm lucky to have been able to stay home with him all these years -- he'll be heading off to Kindergarten in the Fall ... all very exciting! So when Aidan is in Grade One, Cara will be in Grade Twelve -- now there's some careful planning! ha,ha,ha!

Speaking of Aidan, here are a couple of 'tricks' I use to get him to drink more water (as opposed to pop...).

The trick is to make the water seem a whole lot more exciting -- I found this Tiny 'Water Cooler' that Aidan can use by himself, so he really likes that!

The other thing I do is clean out the little Coke Bottles in the Dishwasher, then fill them with water and place them around the house where Aidan is likely to go -- his spot at the Table, where he likes to sit at The Island, and over by the TV. That way when he's thirsty, he's more likely to drink Water. And of course, I always give him a 'Water Chaser' with any Fruit Juice or Pop, and he's "okay with that", he says! ha,ha!

Thanks for coming in for a little visit! And thank you to the extra-nice Readers who clicked on the Ads! I really appreciate all your Support!
See you tomorrow! Ailsa!

It's a Red Ad in honor of The Calgary Flames -- Go Flames, Go!!! There's another Big Hockey Game tonight at 6:00 pm, Calgary Time... The Calgary Flames vs. The Tampa Bay Lightning... they're 2 & 2, so I'm sure it'll be a great Game!!

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Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004. Hi, there, Sweet Pea! Apple of My Eye... String Bean...wait a minute, that's not right -- I used to be called 'String Bean' when I was a very young Teenager, and was very, very insulted by it, but now it wouldn't be so bad to hear, but there ain't nobody sayin' that to me, these days! ha,ha,ha,ha! Ah, well. You know, I am so incredibly easily side-tracked... I got a couple of interesting e-mails, and the next thing I knew, it was noon, and I hadn't even started my Update, yet... good thing I'm my own Boss! ha,ha,ha! I'm very understanding about how easiliy distracted I am! I rationalize it, of course, as 'having a great range of interests' -- do you buy that? ha,ha!

Well, it wasn't like I wasn't working on the Site -- I found a letter in amongst my massive amount of e-mail that I was trying to get rid of, and it was about Stucco, and the letter was from 'One Teacher to Another...'. I love Stucco and I love Teachers, so I had to deal with that right away ... buyin' it, yet?? ha,ha! One of the huuuge Goals I have for this Site is to have as many Teachers read it as possible, because once a teacher (any teacher) gets new information, or information they think is interesting and presented well, the first thing they want to do is Pass It On... We're all like that -- it's in a Teacher's DNA, I'm pretty sure! ha,ha!

If we could get the message out to all our young Students about how important it is to Manage Your Money Well, we'd have a much happier Society -- it's true. If you are secure in your 'Financial Life', you'll feel better about yourself in general, and that translates into a happier person, so you'll be more likely to meet another happy person, and before you know it, they'll have a swack of little happy people... ha,ha,ha! And I'm here to dispell those stooopid myths that Poverty is a Magical State... puhleeeeease... what idiot came up with that? Poverty sucks, and I'm here to tell ya'! Been there, done that, won't be doin' that again! There's nothing worse than not having enough money to feed yourself or your children -- maybe that's why I'm so obsessed with making a Good Living, now? But I hate when people Romanticize something that is terrible. You don't need to be poor to be creative -- people with money can think, too ... and they don't have to spend 90% of their time trying to figure out how to Pay the Utility Bill...

Anyhooo, if you're a Teacher, or Not a Teacher... (okay, that's everybody included now, right?? ha,ha!) Pass this Site along through your Mailing Lists, and we'll see if we can't help all sorts of Folks to learn how to make their lives better -- even a wee bit makes it all worth while! (That and a reasonable Profit from when My Wonderful Readers Click on My Ads..!) It would be soooo cool to plant a seed in everybody to start thinking about Buying Their Own Place... now here's the irony -- I can't convince my Best Friend, Greg, who will be 52 this summer (man, I canny believe how old my friends are all getting! ha,ha,ha,ha! It's extra-funny because I'm right behind them! yuff, yuff! And for the record, I do have a lot of Male Friends -- always have... I wonder if I had a 'quick dip in the Neo-Natal Androgen Pool', since I tend to 'think like a man' in many circumstances...You know, I just remembered -- I was actually tested for that years ago -- "How is she able to understand a Blueprint...??" Ugh. Those were the days... anyway, it turned out that I am 'Whole Brained' instead of 'Right Brained' or 'Left Brained' -- hey, it's better than bein' 'No-Brained' -- now that would have been a disturbing diagnosis! ha,ha,ha!) to buy his own Home. He's very settled in his Perfect Apartment -- and nothing has moved since I first met him 20 years ago -- I'll bet I could draw you a picture of everything in the Apartment, and it would still be in the same place! ha,ha!

So here's the bottom line on the Brain Thing -- I just think like a Person, or an extremely emotional man... or something...whatevah, I'm happy wit' mah' Brain, and I'm pleased that it can continue to work for me everyday, for free! ha,ha,ha! That ended up being a really, really long paragraph, didn't it? Well, one of the best ways to find a new Site is through word-of-mouth, so feel free to talk about me behind my back to as many folks as you can! Don't worry, I can't really hear you -- I did't Mike all those Cameras, so you should be safe enough to say whatever you like! har, har!

The reason I am trying to get reg to Buy His Own Place is that the closer you get to Retirement, the more and more necessary it is to Own Your Own Home. The last thing you want to do, if it can possibly be avoided, is to have a Rent Payment due every month for your whole life -- you can never guarantee how much you would be paying each and every month, or how high the Rent could potentially go up. It's always better at this stage of the Game to Own Your Own Home. The key is to Buy anything at all that you can afford -- and the sooner, the better. The Big Object is to have your Mortgage Paid Off before you hit the Retirement Years... or at least have the Final Mortgage Payment somewhere in sight by that point. Just think how much better off our kids will be if we can get that information to them really early? We've already taken 4 year old Aidan out Condo Shopping! ha,ha,ha! No, he says he wants 'a really big house...' -- now where did he get that from?? ha,ha,ha!

Tip of the Day: I went ahead and hired a Paving Company to Pave our Driveway, so here's a little tip from 'Bob', the fellow I'm dealing with directly. Before you even have the Gravel Scraped off the Driveway (and this is for a relatively new Driveway...), be sure to take some Round Up or other powerful Weed Killer and spray anything green or greenish in the are you are going to have paved. If you don't do that, the Grass or Weeds will grow right up through the Pavement. Can you believe that? Dwight was outside, last night, spraying down the grass and weeds in the Driveway Area, so I went out to Mow the Lawn. I looove mowing the lawn, so that might be another benefit of the 'Cross-eyed Brain' ... or whole brain thing! ha,ha,ha,ha!

I'll go see if I can get into Photoshop, today -- I couldn't get in yesterday to 'name' a few new pictures for you (they need a special new name before I can get them on the Site...). Oh, and check out Ask Ailsa to read the new letter about Stucco!

Well, I couldn't get into the Photoshop quickly enough (hate that...!), but here are three nice shots of the Three Stages of Stucco. The first step is to 'Wrap' the House -- with Tyvek (or equivalent) Paper and Wire -- looks like Chicken Wire to me...

** **

Then the Second Step is to put on the 'Scratchcoat' -- that's the grey coat in the middle picture. The Final Stucco Coat goes on last in whatever color you like that is approved by whatever your Architectural Guidelines allow! And that's the Sunroom on the South Side of the House, and the Dining Room and Great Room on the North-West Side of the House. Pretty, eh? Now who's a good little Designer?? ha,.ha!

Aidan is playing a Mouth Organ (in Scotland, they call them a "Mouthie", but I can't think if they have a 'North American Name...oh, a Harmonica! Tha's what they're called...) shaped like a Lobster Claw! Hilarious! He'll have to put that away before his father gets home, since Dwight doesn't find high pitched instruments all that amusing! ha,ha,ha! Now he's trying to 'control me' with the music -- Aidan spends a good portion of his day tying to 'hippotize me' -- too late, I'm already on my way! ha,ha! His big goal is to hypnotize me into doing everything he says -- now where did he get that notion from?? ha,ha,ha!

Okay, that's it for me, today! Thanks for coming in for a wee visit!

See you tomorrow! Ailsa!

Here's the 'Click of the Day' Gimme a little Click on your way out the Door! ha,ha!

Oh, and they have a Free Guide to Long-term Investing, too! Click, click!

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Tuesday, June 1st, 2004. Hey, Baby! Welcome 'Home'! Man, can you believe it's June already?? I thought we'd never see the sun, again -- that was a long, long winter in Calgary, this year -- it started last September and I hope to God that's the last we've seen of the snow! ha,ha! How crazy is that for a weather pattern? No wonder we all have a good sense of humour -- how else could you manage it?? Well, what did you do on yer fancy 'Long Weekend'? No excessive Drinking, I can only hope -- that's for a Wednesday... har, har!

Did you see the Calgary Flames and the Tampa Bay Lightning Hockey Game last night? Those are two incredible Teams -- and equally matched up the waaazoooo... the next Game is on Thursday Night (and an amazing Game it will be, because now we're 2 - 2 in the 7 Game Series, so the Fight is soooo on!!), and we saw on the News that you can buy a Ticket for $5.00 to watch the Game on the Giant Screens at the Saddledome -- you can pick up the Tickets at the Calgary Co-Op Stores, and all the Money goes to the Calgary Food Bank. Isn't that a great idea? That saves any problems with 20,000 people finding a seat (which means fewer brawls...) and a huge amount of money going to the Foodbank. I used to run a 'mini-foodbank' at any School where I was working over the years, at Christmastime, and the amount of labor involved in sorting through the Food Donations is massive, so this way, the Food Bank can use the Money to buy exactly what they need. Dwight is going to swing by the the Co-Op to see if he can score a couple of tickets -- it would be fun to take Cara down there for that kid of experience!

You know what is very sad? That we even need Food Banks, and so many of them. What on earth happened that we stopped paying a Living Wage, or that so many Working People (and many non-working, too...) needed the Services of a Food Bank just to feed themselves and their Families? That's reprehensible in First World Nations, let alone anywhere else. In Canada and The States, we both have a Major Election coming up, so wouldn't it be great to make this part of their Platforms? Aren't you tired of all the mudslinging and crap -- who cares about that? I care about people in our own Countries not having enough to eat or a place ot live. You know that old phrase, "Charity Begins at Home"? Well, I think that should be true for Countries, too. The more you allow people in your own Country to succeed, the more they will then be able to help others -- that's the beauty of the 'pay-it-forward' plan... maybe we can make that work for us on a National Level.

I'll tell you, there were some major changes made to our Unemployment Program in Canada about 10 years ago -- maybe a wee bit longer... anyway, there is a huuuge surplus in that Government Fund, because the Government changed the Rules for who was eligible for Unemployment Insurance, so hardly anyone can get it anymore. That's outrageous, and most Canadians don't discover that until they're out of work, and that's awful. Maybe the old System for the Unemployment Program could be revisited... maybe that could be an Election Platform, too...

And you know what else drives me up the wall -- and infuriates Dwight? The Canadian Gun Registry. What a total waste of good money that should have gone to supporting the vast numbers of Abuse Shelters and Abuse Programs out there. The Gun Registry itself does absolutely nothing to protect women -- in fact, I think it makes matters even worse. Did you know there's a line on the Form that requires 'The Wife" to sign on the dotted line that her husband is NOT a nut, and gets to keep his Firearms at home? Yep.. Think a woman who is afraid of her husband is ever NOT going to sign that? And then the new Gun Laws require the Owner of the Guns to Keep Them at Home -- how intensely stupid is that? And you can't SELL your Guns, because then you have to go and take yet another Course in order just to sell the damn things... I'd like to know what moron came up with this system, then Vote Them Out.

Just so's you know why I am sooo familiar with the National Gun Registry, it's something Dwight used to talk about endlessly -- he's a Hunter (yuck...), as are many, many Canadians... and he likes to go Hunting in the Fall. This is a major issue in our house, because Dwight feels he should be able to take off and go hunting like it's a God-Given Right, and he shouldn't have to tell me when he plans to go... so every Fall is annoying, to say the least. Now, I don't mind all that much if he goes, provided he gives me some heads-up when he's going and that he only tells me the stories of what's happening in his Hunting Buddies Personal Lives, and absolutely nothing about the hunt, which I can't stand... ick. I say, "Why not just swing by the Grocery Store if you want a Steak??" Dwight has no sense of humour when it comes to huntin'...

The other thing I don't like at all is the whole thing about the Gun Owner having to keep their Guns at Home... why can't they establish some sort of Warehouse or something where Gun Owners can 'Store' their Guns until Hunting Season rolls around, again? I know that would require some money to establish, but it's much safer for everyone NOT to have any guns handy in the home, whether they're in a Gun Safe or not, and I know the Gov't has a knack for getting plenty of dough out of Canadians, so maybe some of the Revenue could go to this. Or it could be a Private Enterprise... there'd be a lot of Profit in that, I'm sure... And then they could have some method where the Gun Owner had to show their 'Ticket' for whatever they are off to hunt (I can't think of the special name for that -- Lot Number, maybe...?), and they could call the Spouse or Partner at Home to let them know the Guns were being picked up. Then the Guns could be dropped off on the way home from the Hunting Trip... that would work for me, since I never, ever want to see a gun up close. Never. Something to think about...

Ironically enough, while I've been writing this, the people from Elections Canada stopped by the house to Register us for the upcoming Election. I completely forgot that we were in a New Area, so we would have to Register here and find out exactly where we are supposed to go to Vote, which makes for a Good Tip of the Day...

Tip of the Day: If you've moved between the time of the Last Election and the Next, upcoming Elections, make sure you are fully Registered to Vote, and find out exactly where you are supposed to go to Vote. It's surprising how quickly another Election Year comes along, so it's good to get that stuff in order before the actual Election Day. Now, we're out in the Country, so the Address they Wanted was the Legal Land Description -- who knows that off the top of their head?? I never would have been able to come up with that info if I were in the actual line-up to vote... so if you also need that (or just in general), bring your Gas Bill and Electrical Bill with you to Register to Vote. The information should be in the Top Left Hand of the Bill. Plus, it proves that you live there. And you'll need your I.D. -- a Driver's Licence is usually enough.

Oh, and Elections Canada has a website -- -- you should be able to get any information on How to Register or Where Your Polling Booth Will be... And if you're in The States, you can go check out Rock The Vote -- the only link I have to that is through , Margaret Cho's New Website. Just scroll down a wee bit and you'll find the direct link.

Okay, let me go grab you some new pictures -- be right back!

Here's my fave new Salad -- Pecan Coleslaw. It's a highly involved Salad, what with the Three Ingredients 'n all...

Start with the Coleslaw that comes Pre-packaged from the Grocery Store. Add on a couple of Dollops (that's a technical term for 'some sort of a large spoonful...') of Mayonaise. Crush some Pecans and add them, too. I like that as the whole Meal, but Dwight insists on having 'real food', too... but I still think it makes a delicious Lunch, all on it's own!

Well, that's not at all what I was gonna talk about today -- see what happens when you get off on a tangent?? Ah, well. We all have serious issues we would like to see dealt with, and the Political Arena is a great place to start, and that's controlled by each and every one of us, so why not exercise your Right to Vote?

Thanks for popping in for a wee visit, today! I loves me a Visitor! And I particularly like the Visitors who Click on My Ads -- that's the way I support My Site...


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See ya', Baby! Ailsa!

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I love this Ad for Spongebob Squarepants Screensavers because on of my very favorite Spongebob scenes is where Spongebob is secretly watching a Show of Jellyfish like it's a porn movie, when Gary the Snail comes in the room and Spongebob yelps at getting caught watching 'something bad' and quickly changes the channel so Gary can't see it ... Hilarious!

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