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At Home With Ailsa - April '04

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Thursday, April 29th, 2004. Hi, Honey! You're Home! And just in time to start painting, so grab a brush, and lets head out to the garage... oh, no, wait... that's a job just for me... rats! And here I thought I might have someone to keep me company while I'm working! Ah, well... I'll think about you, then it'll feel like you're all in the garage with me...! You know, the Psychic saw a Card for me on the Weekend (when I took Cara in for a 'Fun Reading'...) that said (or suggested...'!) that I was reclusive. She thought that perhaps that wasn't the case, but in fact here in Calgary I am extremely reclusive. I rarely leave the house -- mostly because I am soooo busy with this Website and all the Building Activities ... and then on top of that, and more importantly, I'm not sure where to go... I've already done the 7 things I like to do around Calgary, about a zillion times over, so that doesn't really leave anything new... so then stuff around the house seems even more important, then I'm even more inclined to just stay home... you can see how that cycle starts.

And that's why we get very excited at the prospect of having Guests over... that's just part of the reason I am seriously considering moving back to Los Angeles... not only do I love it there, but there are endless possibilities of stuff to do, and if you ever, ever ran out of things to do, there, you could be in 'The Vegas' in 4 hours (if you didn't hit Traffic...!), jump on a Plane and go all over the place for virtually nothing (compared to Canadian Commercial Airline Prices...) or just go Up or Down the Coastline -- you'll have a fabulous time either way you go... so you can see why I miss it. Now I do adore the Mountains out here, and our House is incredibly beautiful... but I figure I might like it better if I moved back to L.A., then just came back here for visits, rather than the other way around... man, Life is soooo Short, and I want to make the most of my life...

Hey, did you see The Bachelor last night? Oh, that crazy Trish (Trish Trash, we'll still call her, just for extra fun...!). She makes for some good TV! You know when the Bachelor hands out the Roses at the 'Most Dramatic Rose Ceremony Evah...' bit, where the Bachelor says, "Will you accept this Rose?". Well, when Jesse chose ol' Trish, Dwight pipes up, in a high pitched voice, "Trish, will you accept my wallet?" He's funny like that -- that sense of humor gets Dwight out of a lot of 'hot water', if you know what I mean, and I'm pretty sure you do! ha,ha,ha! It is an interesting thing to watch how different the Women are from 21 to 28 -- that's a huuuge difference in Life Experiences, so no wonder the Girls are all so different.

Now here's a weird thing I was thinking about while we were watching The Bachelor... his name is Jesse, and I know he's from Ontario, Canada, where I grew up. Well, it suddenly occured to me that he looks like a 'hybrid' of my first 'real' boyfriend, Larry, and he had a little nephew, Jesse, who was 4 the last time I saw him... and now he must be about 25... so then I thought, "Is there any possibility that Jesse the Bachelor could be related to Larry??" Must write to him... (and yes, if you're wondering now, I have had some very, very attractive Boyfriends over the years... makes for a fun life! ha,ha,ha!) But at the very least, I could find out who all is single, for all my single gal Readers! See the important things I think about! It's either Quantum Physics or Matchmaking -- and anything in-between! ha,ha,ha! It's good to be versatile!

I'm running my Panda Active Scan, yet again -- it turned out that every time I tried to open any of my e-mail addresses, the computer would eventually shut down, and the cleaning process wouldn't complete itself. So today I'm going to try just doing my Daily Update (this piece!), then leave it at that for today. Hopefully, that'll let the Scanning Process complete itself, and then solve the problem in my computer. But a whole day without e-mail -- now that's hard to do! On the upside, though, that'll free up a lot more time for me to go out to the garage to put the last coat of paint on the Fireplace Mantel pieces, then they'll all be dry in time to put them up on the Weekend. Can't wait to see that Fireplace done! Of course, Dwight and I already are in 'a discussion' about what the Fireplace Mantel sould look like in the Great Room Fireplace -- I'm happy that Dwight has finally agreed to put in a Mantel place on both of the fireplaces, but I lost the 'design war' on the first go-round, so I hope to have more luck on the next round!

Tip of the Day: I can't remember whether I've mentioned this, before, but I was using it this morning, so It's in my mind .. anyway, it's a Tip to Use Parchment Paper. That stuff is great! I just discovered it's many uses about 5 years ago, so I know not everyone is using it already... You can buy it in enormous rolls at Costco (that's how I buy it) or normal sized rolls in the 'Saran Wrap' Section of your Grocery Store -- you know where that is... So here's how you can use it -- you can put it on any Baking Tray as a liner, and no food will stick to it, and for Clean Up, you just fold it all neatly up and toss it in the Trash... not Trish Trash, just the regular garbage! ha,ha,ha,ha! The important thing to remember is to make sure the Parchment Paper never goes over the edge of the Baking Tray, if it's flat like a Cookie Sheet.

Parchment Paper on a Cookie Tray is particulary good for Cookies, Baked French Fries, Baked Chicken... really, I love the stuff! And this morning I used it to separate the Lunch Meat that I won't be using until next week, so rather than wasting it, I cut about 6" squares of Parchment Paper (and of course, I never measure anything that isn't Building-related...!), then place three slices of Lunch Meat (enough for one sandwich...) on a piece of the Parchment Paper, then a layer of meat, a piece of Paper... you get the idea. Then I pop them in a Zip-lock Bag, Label it with a Permanent Marker, and pop it into the Freezer so I have small amounts of meat I can take out if I need to only make one Sandwich... Good idea, huh? I don't like to waste anything... and I like to have something available to make whenever the situation arises and I need something right away -- without having to run out to the Store to get it. Saves Time and Money -- exxxxceeellllent!! (Yep, think 'Mr. Burns' from The Simpsons!)

Okay, so here's one of my favorite places about 45 minutes outside of Calgary, in the Mountains. Beeauuuteeful! It's stunning out there, and every time we go out to Elbow River Falls, we bring our Picnic Lunch and have a Wienie Roast -- you'd love it, I'm sure of it! Unless you're Vegetarian, in which case you could easily have a 'Veggie Dog'!! ha,ha,ha! Or just stick to the Toasted Marshmallows! Yum! I love them when they're a beautiful tan color!

** **

Well, now that I've put these pictures up and described our typical Picnic out there, I'm desperate to go! Must check the Weather Forecast to see when it won't be snowing! ha,ha,ha! (It's the end of April, and we had a forecast of 20 cm, or about 8", which Canadians find 'funny'! Sometimes when you live in Canada you gotta search for the humor!! ha,ha!)

Thanks for coming in for a wee visit! Always lovely to see you!

Catch you tomorrow! Ailsa!

Oooooh, and the next Hockey Playoff Game between The Calgary Flames and The Detroit Red Wings is on tonight! WooHoo! Now that's some great Hockey!!

Go Flames, Go! Go Flames, Go!! YaaaHooo!

(But I still like The Detroit Red Wings, too, since I'm so proud of my old student, Darren McCarty -- #25 -- for doing so well and being so successful!!)

Wednesday, April 28th, 2004. Hi, Honey-Buns! I know I can call you that, because most likely, in your heart of hearts, you believe it too, and why not? You know what I always thought was hilarious? The notion that everyone has in their head about what they look like. Generally speaking, you see yourself as what you looked like at a time when you were younger (often much younger...) and you liked what was going on in your life at the time. Think about it for a second -- am I right? I'm 28 and on the beach in California in my picture of myself, and Dwight says he's 20 and at the Disco...! Drop me a line and tell me how you see yourself -- it's a fun little brain exercise!

Man, I'm still dealing with that crazy virus in my computer... every time the Scan is almost done for the cleaning process, the computer shuts itself down. Very annoyink! And here I have some great pictures to share with you (now we're back in Kindergarten...!), and I can't get tinto the Program to give them each a name and put them on my Site... ugh. I'll just keep trying to solve the problem, and hopefully I'll be back on track soon -- thanks for bearing with me! Ooooh, and thanks for all my lovely Readers who have clicked on the Google Adsense Ads -- my goal is to make enough with those Ads to Pay the Mortgage. Now wouldn't that be nice?? I know I've said it before, but I really do appreciate your Support -- it keeps my Site going!

Hey, did you see the Hockey Playoffs, last night? (Or were you watching Basketball??) Anyway, we were watching the Calgary Flames vs. The Detroit Red Wings, and what a great game! The Playoffs are fabulous for bringing in people who don't normally watch Hockey, because it's almost all skill, since every second (literally...) counts. So of course I was thinking about that during the Game. Calgary's Goalie, Miikka Kipruhsoff, is one of the most amazing athletes I've ever seen. He's incredible. So are all the Players at this Level of the Game... but here's one thing they ain't ... Daydreamers. Can you imagine the level of concentration you'd have to have to catch a puck in your glove in mid-air?? That would not be the time for your mind to wander off to what you might do on your vacation next year... ha,ha,ha,ha!

And that's why Weight Lifting and my Exercise Machines at home work for me -- not only can I think about a zillion things while I'm working out, but I can also watch some of my favorite TV Shows -- you know I never like to miss something that interests me! ha,ha,ha! So I need to get Cara to take some pictures of me doing my favorite Weight Lifting Exercises with Hand Weights and my sort of blown up Exercise Ball... they're great exercises, and anyone can do them. There's a bunch of stuff to do right at your Computer, too, so I'll show you those A.S.A.P. -- so you can see why I need to get my computer operating smoothly, again.

Tip of the Day: Take advantage of Opportunities as they present themselves in your life... sometimes a little something will come up that you weren't expecting, but try following just one of these things, and see where it brings you. You might discover a hidden talent, or uncover an Interest you can follow and maybe that'll open up a whole new path for you. The whole key is to keep yo' mind open to possibilities, and let yourself go a little. (And, no, this doesn't include cute girls or guys who might 'present themselves' to you at a Strip Club -- that' ain't an opportunity -- that would be a different sort of thang...! ha,ha,ha,ha!)

Okay, wish me luck trying to get some new pictures! I'll be back asap!

Well, here's the new Microwave that Dwight just bought -- and there's my little old Microwave... I had a tough time letting go of my old one, because I won it when I was on Scrabble with Chuck Woolery years ago...


Dwight had a real issue with the age of my Microwave and his concerns about a 'possible radiation leak'... blah, blah, blah... I suppose there was some truth in that, so now I'm okay with the new Microwave, and am getting used to how much faster it is than my oldie but goodie, in my opinion...! ha,ha,ha!

Thanks for swingin' in to see me! I love me a Visitor! Or thousands of Visitors!! ha,ha!

Later, Baby! Ailsa!!

I think this was the right Link that I thought was pretty funny -- should have a Wink and a Pair of Sunglasses, if it's the right one! ha,ha! Go ahead and have a wee look!

Tuesday, April 27th, 2004. Hello, hello, hello! Oi, I've been working with my computer all night trying to get rid of some stooopid virus that's in it, yet again. I put Panda's Free Active Scan on my Internet Connections Page, and I scanned it twice, but there's still a problem with the computer that I haven't been able to figure out. Annoyink! But if you are having a bother with your computer, and you suspect there may be a Virus, go ahead and click on that -- you can clean your whole computer or just the part that you are suspect about ... I think I'll scan the whole thing again and hopefully it'll go all the way through this time -- it completely froze, this morning,when I came down to check on the 'puter -- no mouse control or anything. The lucky thing now is that this stuff no longer panicks me -- now I know that you can clean it out and start again... sounds like something I ought to do with my life, sometimes! ha,ha!

So I never was able to get into my Photoshop Program to get some pictures for you, yesterday -- sorry about that... I hope it works, today, but if not, I have a couple of pictures from last week I wanted to show you, anyway, and they come with a good little story, of course! I love a little story -- my favorite people are folks who can spin a little tale... I can't be bothered talking to people (at any great length, anyway...) who can't string a few words together... especially when a good portion (say, 90%) of the Story involves the Weather -- now that's hard not to fall asleep through! ha,ha,ha! But I do like the "And She said... and then He said... and then I said,"What the ...!" Now those are usually pretty juicy stories -- the kind that bear repeating! ha,ha,ha! And only occasionally to the people actually in the story...

I was sooo busy with the computer problem, yesterday, that I never did get out to the garage to get another coat of paint on the Mantelplace pieces. The air feels really heavy outside, today (with any luck, we'll get some rain... don't worry -- that's only about 3% of the story...! ha,ha,ha!), and normally I don't paint on Rainy Days, because I always feel like the paint will dry 'sticky'. I have no idea whether that's true, or not, but it seems like an excellent excuse to have a nap instead of working... ha,ha,ha! Oh, who am I kidding? I'll be out there painting all day -- damn that Presbyterian Guilt!! ha,ha!

Hey, you know what I forgot to mention yesterday? Dwight read in the newspaper last week that there's a possibility of Arrested Development not being picked up for next Season. If you haven't seen it yet, it's Ron Howard Production, and absolutely one of the funniest Shows on TV. What's happening that all the smart, funny, hilarious Shows are being yanked?? There must be someone out there with loads of monies who can develop their Very Own Network to carry all these great Shows and see what happens. We're losing Ed, Frasier, possibly Arrested Development, The Wayne Brady Show (come on, that guy is amazingly talented .. if anyone deserves to be on TV, it's Wayne Brady...)... the list goes on and on with other good Shows that deserve to stay or be resurrected. Remember that old Show, Cupid? It was hilarious. When did Smart and Funny become a bad thing?

Speaking of Shows, I'm watching Oprah as I write this (man, I love My Home Office!!), and they're doing a show on How Couples can become Millionaires. Some of it was good, and some of it is a little 'pie in the sky' for average couples. "Just put away an hour a day of your wage, then $5.00 on top of that, then another $20. per day into your House Fund...." Now, I know this ain't popular, but I don't particularly like Retirement Funds, per se. You know I am really 'Home-Oriented', so I think it is far more important to get yourself into your own home, at any level you can afford, stabilize your financial life, then start to save up a nice little nest egg for later. The big key with buying your own home is you'll be paying yourself to live in your own home -- that's what you do when you're a Home Owner.

Here's the Deal -- if you're paying Rent at $500. per Month, that's $6,000. a year that could go toward owning your own future. In fact, that's a good way of looking at Home Ownership -- as a Direct Method to Own Your Own Future. Lookie how smart I is -- thank Goodness I own my own Site, or I'd be at risk of someone quickly swiping it 'off the air'... ha,ha,ha! The more common amount of Rent is $850. per month for a typical family. That's over $10,000. a year. That's money that could be going toward your future. Because Interest Rates are so incredibly Low, right now, you could buy an Apartment or Condo and pay the same amount in a Mortgage Payment -- and the wonderful thing about Mortgage Payments is they eventually disappear, and you'll own the Home Outright. Rent Payments ain't ever gonna end... which is great when you're a Landlord (ugh, will always hate that word!), but terrible when you're approaching Retirement and you still have huge monthly payments to make.

I would love to see everyone learn how to manage their money well enough, and early enough in life, to save up for a Down Payment on a Home. Any Home. It drives me crazy that everyone and their dog wants to move directly into a Mansion. Puh-leeeease. Start with absolutely anything you can afford -- and be prepared to move, move, and move again. The money you make in Home Equity (the money you make on the Value of the Home the Day You Bought It until the Day You Sell It... and this can be a really substantial amount...) is used to put toward the purchase of your next home, and so on and so on until you are Mortgage Free with at least $200 Grand in the Bank. You would be shocked at how easy this really is. It's how we ended up here...

So here's the Advice that was on Oprah that I did like, and think is very useful -- okay, it's all the stuff we do that allows us to Build Buy, and Build again... so I know that it works. It's one of the primary reasons I started writing this Site, and what keeps me going when I get frustrated when it doesn't earn as much as it really needs to... but that's a whole other story (and very little of that is about the weather...!). Anyway, there is a whole notion of Living on One Income in a Two Income House. If you were on your own, you'd find a way to live well on your very own Income, so why not try to do that when you have Two Incomes, and then you can save the other Income.... it's worth a try. Even if it's only for a planned amount of time, or try putting one whole Paycheck aside every other month in a Special Savings Account that is only to be touched in an Emergency. And no, generally speaking, Dairy Queen is not an Emergency...! ha,ha,ha,ha!

Tip of the Day: I think the easiest way to save up to $500. a month (for me, anyway, and it will most likely work for you, too) is to cut out a few trips to the Grocery Store or Department Store. You know the deal -- you go in for Milk and Bread, and walk out with a Cart-full of stuff and $176.42 later. So I actively decide to NOT SHOP unless I really have to, and even then, I look carefully at what is in the Pantry or Cupboards, and see if I can't put it off a wee bit longer. Works for Me! The important thing is not to then turn around and say, "Ooooh, lookie how much money I have for Crack..." Look, I don't know what all your habits are ... ha,ha,ha,ha! And I'm thinking that folks who are inclined toward the 'Crack Market' aren't all that likely to use the word, "Lookie"...! ha,ha,ha,ha! So I've saved us at least $6,000. a year since I started doing that. And it was a conscious decision to make that change, too, because I knew I needed to stay home with Aidan (he was too crazy for outside Child Care when he was little -- he's fine, now, so he'll be all ready for Public School in the Fall), so I felt I wanted to save our family more money.

Okay, let me see if can get some pictures...

Well, I still can't get into Photoshop to get the new pictures, but these are pretty recent of My Office and my great view of the TV... that's how I never miss a Show I might want to watch while I'm working on my Website! "Sweeeet", as Aidan would say! ha,ha,ha!

** **

See all the Black and White Prints of the Single Flowers? I love them ... they're my new favorite thing. I just adore Flowers, and love the shape and texture of the individual Blossoms, so these are a perfect fit for My Office!

Thanks for swingin' in for a wee visit! Let me know how much you're Saving, and how much you've made in Home Equity over the years, and we'll put that on the Site! We all love a Success Story, right?? ha,ha!

Later, Baby! Ailsa!!

Get a Mortgage

Monday, April 26th, 2004. Hi, Honey! You're Home! And man, you are looking stunning, today! Sparkly eyes, that cute little nose right smack in the middle of your face like that -- and that Gold Tooth...that really works for you...You're gonna need a little more Bling Bling, though, to carry off that look -- maybe start with 10 Gold Chains, then see how that looks -- you're neck will hurt for the first few hours, then you'll hardly be able to feel it at all. Then head off to The Office -- I have a feeling this is the Big Day you'll finally get that raise! Then you can pay for all those Gold Accessories, and with any luck, buy a big pile more! ha,ha,ha!

We had a busy little Weekend ... the Fireplace Mantel is really coming along. Dwight and I finished all the 'cuts' for the lumber, which just means all the pieces are cut and ready for Painting and Installation. I gave al the pieces a nice first coat of Semi-Gloss White Paint, yesterday, and when I'm done writing this, I'll pop out to the garage to give them all a second coat. I think Dwight wants me to do three or four coats of paint, but I'll see how they look at Two Coats. I did catch him inspecting my work, again, yesterday -- there's nothing more fun than yo' spouse checking your work for faults. Fun, fun, fun.

I've told him many, many times not to do that anymore, because it makes me feel like a 'poor employee', someone you really have to keep an eye on because they are so likely to screw up -- and here I am a highly competent woman, so that never goes over as well as Dwight seems to think it will... and then he finished with a 'back-handed compliment' -- "You're really getting good at this painting thing..." Ugh. I've painted literally thousands of feet of Trim in this house, so it's very annoyink to hear that. And that's why I drink... no, no. Liquor is far too expensive in Canada (there's oanother great reason to move back to The States...!), and I hate to waste money that could go to the Purchase of Another Home... Anyway, all this stuff happens on any Project Dwight and I work together on, so you just have to really want to get the thing done to get through it. Luckily, the Fireplace Mantelpiece looks great, so it's all worth it!

And I took Cara to the Psychic on Saturday afternoon -- we had a great time! You know how I was hoping she would see 'A Great Acting Life' for Cara in her Future? Well, whadda you know -- that's exactly what came up! WooHoo! But here's a little tidbit that came up because I was in the Room, and our 'Auras' connected... The Psychic, Brenda, (I know, you always expect 'Madame Erica' or 'Grace', not necessarily 'Brenda' or 'Nancy' ... and yes, those are the only other two names I know for a Psychic, since they're the only other one's I've been to! ha,ha,ha!) saw that I was a Writer, and then she said that perhaps in the Future I would Write Something For Cara to Star in -- now I've never thought of that, and that's a fabulous idea!! Plus, Brenda Read My Cards, too (just for Fun!!), and she saw some great things for me, too... it's always good to have Positive Thoughts in your head about your Future -- good for those days when it's hard to remember that something great is right around the corner!

So I was looking in one of our Four Freezers (that seem excessive, don't it?? Ah, well, I'm nothin' if not excessive...! ha,ha,ha!) for some Soft Taco Shells, and I never did find them, but I DID find a bag of Frozen Dough for Bread ... I'd completely forgotten that it was down there! The Extra Freezer and the Frozen Bread Dough... Anyhooo, I brought the 'Bag o' Bread' back uptairs to the Giant Freezer in my kitchen with the intention of making some Cinnamon Buns, which I did. Cara came into the Kitchen to learn how to make them (everything Cara does now is in preparation for her moving out, since she'll be 16 in May, and moving out is on her mind...). I have begun taking pictures of some of the stuff I Cook, so I can pass the Recipes along to you guys, My Delightful Readers... I think that if Recipes are easy and result in a delicious new dish for you and your friends or family, then I've done a little bit more to improve the lives of those around me (a little Goal of Mine! ha,ha!).

Let me take a minute to get you some of those pictures -- and since Cara was in the Kitchen, too, she took some shots, and surprise of all surprises, I'm actually in them! WooHoo! I haven't had a second to look at them, so I hope to Goodness I look okay! ha,ha! Ah, well. I'm hoping you love me for who I am, and not just for what I look like!! ha,ha,ha!

I'll be riiiiight back!!

Thanks for popping in for a wee visit! While you're waiting, go ahead and Click on this Link to find out more about Foreclosures -- they're a great way to make a huuuge amount of money in Real Estate!

Later, Baby! Ailsa!!

It's The Weekend! April 24th & 25th, 2004. Yo, Yo, Yo... What's Up Wit' Mah' Home-ies?? ha,ha! Man, I never tire of that! I can only hope that you are half as easily amused as I am, then we can all chuckle our way to the Bank! That's where we're going, ain't it?? Aaaah, Money... how I love ye so... we should go around saying that until someone gets clobbered by an angry Socialist. They can be a tad bit bitter, what with only eating rice and stale corn, 'n all... you gotta watch out for that. Use your wallet to protect your Beeehind! ha,ha,ha!

So I'm taking Cara to a Psychic, today. She's been desperate to go ever since I went to a Psychic for MY Birthday... so I finally gave in and booked her into the 'Local Psychic' (!) last Saturday. And guess what happened? That's right, she didn't show up. We didn't see that coming! (Just a little Psychic humor to get us warmed up! ha,ha,ha!) I know there are different schools of thought on the whole going to a Psychic thing to begin with, but taking a Teenager to a Psychic -- that's a whole other story... so here's my take on it-- I think it can have a really positive spin. Let's say the Psychic tells 'Said Kid' (let's call this kid, "Cara"...!) that she will become a very famous Actress (is it still okay to say 'Actress, or does everyone have to be called an 'Actor'? I canny keep up with all the nuances in the words...!)... that she will Graduate from High School, and then Earn a Degree in Literature, and Marriage and a Baby after she's 25...(okay, now we're moving more into what I see in her future, but still, maybe I can pass a note to the Psychic when we first get there...)

Anyway, here's my bottom line on the Psychic and the Kid thing -- if the message is nice and positive, and the kidlet leaves feeling great about themselves, then stays on the straight and narrow in order to make all their Dreams Come True, ain't that a good thing?? And some kids, like many an adult, need to hear someone say their Future Looks Bright and Wonderful, maybe a few bumps in the road (for me, that would be Marriage Number One, and possibly Marriage Number Two...Look out Lucky Number Three! ha,ha,ha!), but everything will turn out to be great. That's a good message, and I would be very happy with that.

And I still think that a Psychic would be a great addition to any Teen in Serious Counselling for Depression (or worse...), because they could hear some nice positive things. You'd have to be sure the Psychic got that, though... they're there to say,"Yes, sure looks like you have a future, and don't it look Bright!" And, "I see lots of money and love in the near future ... and you will be living near water..." Oooooh, but I hope that's not a Sewage Treatment Plant, though, and again, I've slipped back into what I want for MY future...! ha,ha,ha!

Oh, and speaking of Happiness and Marriage (yes, I suppose they DO sometimes go together... ha,ha!), I happened upon a new website by Margaret Cho -- remember her from TV a few years back -- hilarious Comedienne! Anyway, Margaret Cho was on Sharon Osbourne the other day (she was on the SHOW, not on Sharon Osbourne... really, must you drink at the computer?? har, har!), and not only was she showing her new Clothing Line (which was fabulous -- very feminine!), but she was telling Sharon about her new website, Of course, I was working on my Website while I was watching The Sharon Osbourne Show, so I immediately clicked on and what a great site!

I feel very strongly that Love and Marriage should be open to any two people in Love who want to get married. Period. The notion that the Gov't would make a choice that would not provide for Equality under the Law for every member of it's Society is reprehensible to me... and I don't see this issue as very far at all from the whole issue of Inter-Racial or Cross-Religion Marriage. It's not very long since those Marriages were frowned upon (and legislated against, in some places...). I know a number of Couples who got Married back in the day when they were the only two Single Catholics in a small town, and so they were thrown together in marriage. (Personal Choice, of course, but not a whole lot of it...)

What possible difference would it really make to anybody who is already married who(m) someone else wants to marry? What do they care? They're already married, so I'm sure they have some Laundry to go air out... ha,ha,ha! But to Legislate Against Gay Marriage -- that's just plain crazy talk. Thems fightin' words... and so the other huuuge thing Margaret Cho has on her new Website, is a direct link to Rock the Vote. No matter where you stand on any issue, it's critical to get out there and Vote. We're soooo lucky to have a say in the running of our lives, it would be a terrible shame to waste that. Oh, and kudos to Ontario and B.C. here in Canada for making the right leap of faith, so-to-speak, and to the other places around the Globe that are putting People First, Politics Second. We can never forget all the hard work of the Civil Rights Movements to Let Freedom Reign For Everyone. There, I said it. Put that in your pipe and smoke it -- but not here -- maybe 20 feet outside the building!! ha,ha,ha!

Tip of the Day: Surprise! It's an Exercise Tip! Did I tell you I used to Be a Fitness Instructor? Yep, back in the days of yore... and I was heavily into Weight Lifting for about 12 years -- looove that! Especially for Body Shaping, but more on that another day. Today's Tip is for anyone who likes to 'exercise' while watching TV, and really not doing much else (it's the New Me!!) You know those Large Exercise Balls? Well, have you bought one and had a terrible time blowing the thing up? Me, too! (Really, did you see that coming?? ha,ha!) So I got the thing mostly blown up, then some more air escaped when I tried to put the plug in, so it'a a fairly pathetic lookin' Exercise Ball at this point.

But here's the good part -- it's an amazingly comfortable Foot Stool. Whodda thunk that? So I use that all the time when I'm sitting in my favorite Rocking Chair (who sounds a little old, now??). Turns out, it's really bouncy, so you want to bounce your legs on it, and it's fun. I'm sure it's unbelievably annoying to anybody else in the room, but you'll have a great time... and it seems to do a little toning on your legs, too. You can get really fancy and roll the ball away from you, then back toward you with your feet or calves... or just bounce until someone screams at you to stop... again, your choice up until a point, then the decision is scooped right out from under you! ha,ha,ha! Try it, though. At the very least, you'll be really comfy while you're watching TV!

And now for some nice fresh pictures...

We've been busy working away on the Fireplace Mantel, and we're really happy with the Progress. That's Dwight fitting the Side Piece that will become a Column on top of the Base Piece. The Center picture shows how the Column will be built up with Three Pieces of Trim -- you just attach them with Duct Tape so you can stand back to look at them. They are never in any way perfect at this stage -- this is just for making decisions about what you like or don't like, then all about who wins the argument! Me-2, Dwight-1, so I won this round in the Home Playoffs! ha,ha,ha!

** **

The Third Picture is of the Fireplace with the Two Columns cut and ready for Paint. So the Base Block is built up with 3 pieces, and the Columns are built up with 3 different pieces of Trim -- it's a nice design. Then we built the 'Box' that will be the base for the Top of the Mantel, and cut the Dental Molding to fit that -- I'll post those pictures as soon as I take them... and I write an Update! ha,ha!

Thanks for swingin' in for a wee visit! Have a fabulous Weekend!!

Later, Baby! Ailsa!! Remember my favorite little ditty, "Gimme a little click, will ya, huh? 'Cuz I... lu'uv You!"

Friday, April 23rd, 2004. Hi, Honey! You're Home!! And still with me! Now what are we gonna do when I move out? And then it's 'Buy Your Own Condo With a' ha,ha,ha! Well, who knows, it might not be that far away... life is a funny, funny thing, and often just a tad annoyink! Ah, well. I'm sure I'll figure something out. And then I'll Build again, one day... hopefully sooner than later, since you know how I love to Build so very much...

Hey, did you watch any Hockey Play Off Games, last night? We watched The Calgary Flames Vs. The Detroit Red Wings -- my two top favorite Teams, and here they are up against one another -- makes for some seriously great hockey! The Calgary Flames won, and everyone here in Alberta is going mad with delight! It's a funny thing how a Sport can bring massive amounts of people together who might be otherwise divided... So it's the Best of 7 Series, and that means plenty of incredibly exciting hockey -- I particularly like the Play Offs because there's waaay less fighting -- no one wants to lose a man or waste any time, so it's an 'All-skill, Little Violence' Game, and that totally works for me! ha,ha! I just made this Link for you to do a little 'Comparison Shopping', if suddenly you're desperate for a Hockey Jersey!! Buy Hockey Jersey's from >

You know what I would like to see one of the Big News Media Shows, like Dateline or 20/20 do? I'd love to see then do a piece on 'The Changing Face of Hockey'. If you've been watching the Hockey Play Offs, you'll have seen The Calgary Flames' Team Captain, Jarome Iginla (# 12) -- he's one of my favourite Players. Now Hockey has been a very, very white game, if you will, and it's fabulous to see a little more color in the game... Canada is very different from The States when it comes to mentioning anything to do with Race. When I first moved down to the States, all of a sudden I had to fill in all these Forms that asked me what color I was, and I never knew what to fill in.

Yes, go ahead and scroll back up to see what I look like, and to see why I'm sure they must have thought I was crazy, but in Canada, we focus on someone's Nationality and Culture, not the shade of their skin. I was looking on the Form to see where it said, "Scottish', or at the very least, 'British' or 'Canadian'... so I always ticked off 'Other', since I knew for sure I wasn't 'White'! I had an idea in my mind that 'White' meant 'WASP', and I didn't want to be that... it took me the entire time I lived down in California to be able to understand all the subtleties involved in the whole race thing... Anyway, with that in mind, I would love to see more people who might not have been into Hockey before, consider it as a viable Sport, and then we'll see what Hockey looks like Ten Years from now! So maybe someone will pick up that kind of story and run with it... we'll see, we'll see!

Dwight was home yesterday morning (ah the life of the Self-Employed!!), so we were able to get a good start on the Fireplace Mantel, and so far it looks really good. We designed and cut a number of pieces, and now I need to finish this and get out to the Garage to Paint all the pieces Gloss White. I'm pretty sure I still have lots of paint... should check that! I'm taking pictures as we go through it, of course, so I can show you how to Build a Fireplace Mantel, too -- have to say it's easier than I thought ... although we haven't tackled the Top Piece, yet, and we only had about three fights through the job. You gots to like fightin' if you're gonna work with your spouse on Construction Projects! Or just let them do the whole thing themselves or Hire the Entire Job out, and even then, there'll be stuff to fight about. Just the way it is... then when you're done, you can both stand back, admire your work, and commend yourselves on how well you work together...! Funny! It's like Childbirth -- you completely forget how God-Awful it is until you're there again, then you think to yourself, "How the hell did I forget this??" Construction Projects are just like that! ha,ha,ha,ha!

And now for some Pictures of the Fireplace Mantel 'In-Progress'...

That's Dwight measuring the Fireplace Area again before we 'get to cuttin'... it's all about measuring! So we had 7" on either side of the Fireplace, so the Base Blocks are 6 7/8th" wide and 11 3/4" High. We played around with different looks for the Base Blocks, then I finally convinced Dwight to have Three Blocks Flush against the Fireplace on the one side, then 'Stepped up' in 1/2" increments on the opposite side. Looks great!

** **

Then we went out to the Garage to start cutting the wood. We bought a 4' X 8' Sheet of MDF, and most of the Mantelpiece will come from this Sheet. It cost about $25.00. Dwight is going to pick up the Dental Molding Trim, today, so we can put that on the Top Piece. There is 'some discussion' on how that'll be done -- I'll let you know how that works out!

Okay, gotta get out to the Garage to get those pieces painted before Dwight gets home...

I think my new motto might be, "Gimme a little Click...', like the song, "Gimme a little Kiss, will ya, huh?" -- I sing it to the kids all the time -- oddly enough, never to Dwight! ha,ha,ha,ha! Okay, that one WAS for me, but I'm deeply in need of being amused, so there... But when you're all done reading, go ahead and 'Gimme a little Click' -- Every Clicks a good click!

Thanks for popping in for a wee visit! See you Tomorrow!

Later, Baby! Ailsa!!

Thursday, April 22nd, 2004. Hey, HEY, Hey! How's it goin', eh? I'm all Canadian today, eh, 'cause of all that there Hockey, an' so many of oor Teams are in the Play Offs, eh...! ha,ha! If you've never watched a game, tonight's a good time to start -- catch the Second Round of Play Offs with The Detroit Red Wings vs. The Calgary Flames -- now that's gonna be a great Game! Can't wait! We had to go over our schedule to make sure we watch Survivor early, so we don't miss the Game! Thank God for Satellite!! It's the little things you like the most, ain't it? And, hey, if you happen to want to place a small Bet on any of the Hockey or Basketball Play Off Games, I know a place... on my site! Check out my newish Gambling Page -- there's a funny little thing about the Origin of Gambling, with Org and Dorg, a couple of fancy Cavemen... and yes, I did make that up! ha,ha!

Well, did you see The Bachelor and the ever-so-delightful Trish? Trish-Trash, I think I'll call her, just for fun! I'm tellin' you, I think Jesse the Bachelor will take her right to the Final Two. Wouldn't surprise me a bit... but I really like Tara the General Contractor, because a loves me a girl in the Trades (and Dwight likes her because she's so very pretty! ha,ha!). Dwight loves The Bachelor Shows -- he spends a good portion of the Show saying, "Ooooh, I'd Date that one, and I'd Date that one, too..." I always counter with, "Dwight, you're married... you can't Date any of them, now be quiet -- we're trying to hear what Trish did...!" We're lovely like that! ha,ha! And you know that 'Trish-Trash' is great for the Show's Ratings! I think she'd be fabulous in an evil role in a Soap Opera, don't you? Think about that next time you see her...!

Dwight is home, this mornign, so we're going to get started on the Fireplace Mantelpiece. We've been fighting about it all week (here's the fight -- "Dwight, let's build it like this..." and I show him diagrams and pictures. Dwight says, "Okay." Then we go to the Store and Dwight says there's no way in hell he's gonna build it like that, and then I'm mad... that's how we fight. Then I tell him to build it any way he wants, because I just want to get the job done... then I start trying to figure out how I can make more money on my Site so I can have a greater say in what we do around here... it's all very exciting, this world of construction! ha,ha,ha!). So today we're going to come to a decision about how we're going to build the stoopid Mantelpiece, then head out to the Garage and 'get to cuttin'! Then I have to paint it a nice Gloss White Paint to match the Baseboards. I'm sure it'll look gorgeous. I'll take some pictures, to be sure!

Tip of the Day: Try to fight at home, if at all possible. Never fight with anyone in a car -- it's never worth it, because you don't want to be an upset Driver, or upset the actual Driver... but you can be a really fed-up Back-Seat Driver, you just can't say anything much until you get home... You know all the stuff you've ever heard about Building and Renovation being a real Test on a Relationship? Well, it's true, all true. The key is to keep your Eye on the Prize. And that Prize can change significantly from the Beginning of the Build or Project to the End... You definitely want to get the Job Done, so just keep looking at the bottom line to get things finished, with the least amount of Stress to yourself and your Partner. Remember, the better the job, the more you'll get for it when you have had enough and sell it all! You can take your half and go sit on a beach in Mexico -- now that's something to think about when the going gets rough! Of course, your Partner will probably insist on going to Mexico, too, because who wouldn't want to go to, say, the Baja Coast?? Just give yourself something pleasant to think about in order to get the job done, and you'll be all right! Also, I find Chocolate, Tea, and the occasional Bottle of Wine works wonders, too... ha,ha,ha!

I'll post some shots of the Fireplace Mantel when we're done for the day... around Noon, I'm guessing!

Thanks for swinging by for a little visit! See You Tomorrow!

Later, Baby! Ailsa!!

Oh, have you tried this Service, yet? What a great idea, and now they have it for Canadians...! I'm gonna check it out, because we have paid sooo much in Late Fees over the years -- we can never remember to get the DVDs back to the Movie Store on time ... let me know if you have Tried this DVD Service -- you can check it out For Free, which is always good, to see if it'll work for you. Now there's a good deal, eh??

Wednesday, April 21st, 2004. Hey, Baby-Cakes! What it issss?? ha,ha! Think 'Coool, Laid Back, Struttin' Down the Street'... I could try that here, but someone would be sure to call the Cops -- 'AAAH! There's a'City Folk' up in our little Town'!! No, I'm kiddink... I'm just pretending to be 'City Folk'... it's good to live in your own little world sometimes, ain't it?? ha,ha! Oh, I just finished writing a Response to Rick M. on Ask Ailsa -- just click on that to read it. He wants to know how to Negotiate with Developers and Builders. Ha,ha,ha! -- I know, I laughed, too! But you can always try, then pay them whatever they want, if you really want the Home...

Hey, did you know Bill Gates has a Book out? Two, in fact. Who would have guessed Bill Gates would ever have enough time to Write a Book, let alone Two Books, what with his Mega-Fortune to Manage 'n all... anyway, I found it at the Library, last week, and started to read it. It's called Business @ The Speed of Thought, which is a notion I looove. What a great thought, in and of itself. In the Computer World, you think of a great Business Idea, quickly find the right Person who might be able to help you, and fire off an e-mail. Whammo. A new Business Venture is formed. It's a miracle of the Modern Age, and it never ceases to amaze me.

Think about how we used to do Business a mere 10 years ago? That seems like yesterday, to me, but that's just because ah'm gettin' a wee bit old! ha,ha,ha! (No, I consider myself 40 and a One, and very youthful... not youthless, which rhymes with 'toothless', which is a whole other thing...and 'utheless', if, say, you had a lisp...ha,ha,ha,ha! Okay, I'm just amusing myself, now...) Anyway, remember when (or IF, in some cases...!) you had a great idea, or a great product or service, you would have to go and do some serious research at the Library, finally find someone who seemed like they might be able to help guide you to where you wanted to go, then sit down with some Letterhead Paper and write a very serious letter. then you would take great care to get out the old Typewriter and type out the letter, then get it to the Mail Box and hope for a response (if any) in about 3 to 6 months, maybe a year.. Now you just send off an E-mail and get your message across just like that -- Business @ The Speed of Thought -- no wonder he's sooo Wealthy -- Bill Gates is Brilliant!!
Business @ the Speed of Thought: Succeeding in the Digital Economy

You know, I just went into Barnes & Noble to make this Link for you, in case you want to pick up this book, too, and wouldn't you know it? Bill Gates has all sorts of Books out there... not to mention the Softwear! ha,ha,ha,ha! I know, that was just a little bit of gratuitous fun! And then I also made a link for one of my favorite 'fun' books -- Linda Goodman's Sunsigns... I'd forgotten about that book, but it's a whole thing about the Astrological Signs, and it's one of the funniest books I've ever read. Now, don't tell ol' Linda that I said that, because I'm pretty sure it wasn't intended to be funny, but you 'll see yourself and your friends and loved ones (hopefully both!!) in the pages of this book... lots of fun!

Ooooh, and here I am watching Oprah while I'm writing this, and she has just introduced her new Book Club Selection -- I love those books, because often they aren't the kind of book I would go and seek out, so I love when you are lead to something that is fantastic -- I loooved East of Eden, last Summer -- what a great read! So Oprah's Book Choice is The Heart is a Lonely Hunter, by Carson McCullers -- of course I put that on My Book Page, so we can all have a go at it, so-to-speak! You can click on and see some of my favorite books, too -- maybe we have some in common -- write and let me know ... I love to hear from my Lovely Readers!

Tip of the Day: Here's a little Tip I happened to try last night, in my never-ending quest for an easier way to do more work... it's to make 'Making the Bed' much faster and easier. If you have a big Comforter Set on your bed (and I hope you do, since it instantly makes your Bedroom look fabulous!) Fold the Comforter in Half from the Bottom of the Bed, right over all the pillows. That's right -- just lift the whole thing up and over to wherever you put it at night... I put it over on the Sofa in our Bedroom...or you can just throw it on the Floor where you won't trip on it in the middle of the night... Then in the morning, you can roll out of bed (wait for it to be completely empty -- that's a more personal tip! ha,ha!), then just put the Comforter and Accessories back on the Bed and unfold it so it looks perfect, again! See how easy? Remind me to talk about 'Perfection', tomorrow!

Let me go see if I have some Pictures of the Master Bedroom -- I love it, it's sooo beautiful and huuuge!

Here it is! And there's Tia on the Sofa in the Master Bedroom -- she's usually on the Bed, so I always have to scoot her off of there to remove the Bedding! It's all very comfy!

** **

That Interior Window in the Bedroom leads through to the Sunroom, and the Master Ensuite and the Walk-In Closet are on the other side. Nice Plan, huh?? And all out of my little head! See how handy an imagination can be?? ha,ha!

Thanks for popping in for a wee visit! See You Tomorrow!

Later, Baby! Ailsa!!

Tuesday, April 20th, 2004. Go Flames Go, Go Flames Go! WooHoo! The Calgary Flames won their First Round in the Hockey Play Offs, and now they're going up against one of my other favorite Hockey Teams, The Detroit Red Wings (because one of my old students from when I used to Teach High School, Darren McCarty, #25) is on the Detroit Red Wings Team. So I love both those teams, and can't wait to see that Game. I think you tend to choose the Teams you love and Support based on proximity to your Home, then anywhere else you might have lived along the way... and then add to that any Teams with People you actually know... or are attracted to...(!) Maybe that's just me! ha,ha,ha! Ah, well, I'm a little shallow like that, sometimes! yuff, yuff!

So my other two Hockey Teams that I really love are The Toronto Maple Leafs (Borje Salming, #21 from when I was 15 and heavily into Hockey -- and the Players...... ah, the Teen Years!), because I grew up relaltively close to Toronto, and The L.A. Kings, because I used to live in L.A. -- or work there -- technically, I lived in Santa Monica... but you get my drift!

Now, back to Building and Building Accessories... we got a call on the weekend from a Realtor who said she had gotten a call from one of her Clients who was interested in buying our Land. Well, we don't have a piece of Land sor Sale, unless it includes a 5400 square foot house... and we didn't return this particular Realtor's call because the notion of someone driving by our house, seeing the Signs and our Phone Numbers right there, then calling a realtor when it clearly says we're selling the house on our own -- who can be bothered with that. Call us directly -- we're easy to talk to, and if there's a bottom-line concern that someone who sells on their own can't handle the Paperwork, or they're more protected by using a realtor, that's just not possible, because everybody has to go through a Real Estate Lawyer, so there's nothing to worry about. . I think I'm overly annoyed at that, and I probably shouldn't be. Some days these little things just get to you, but you have to slog your way through them and carry on. Mostly, though, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be very nice, right now, if a realtor were to call me down for Selling on our own, and that's what it felt like. There's no other business on the planet where one person feels they have a right to call you down on how you choose to Market Your Product, which is what Selling Your House is all about. It's an odd little game.

And just to be clear, we have no problem with Good Realtors -- they're a necessary and great part of life in the Building Game -- it's the mean ones we can barely tolerate, and I just don't get how such a high percentage of any one group can be perceived as unscrupulous, like the old stereotype of the Used Car Salesman... Maybe there's something that can be done on a grass roots level where that negative stereotype can be changed into a big positive. I think as a Buyer or Seller in Real Estate, you can start things off with only supporting decent folk -- that's easy to do, since you can choose any Realtor to Purchase or Sell a Property -- let the nice people get a cut of the pie. Money talks, and then the ones who are still using some unpleasant and unnecassy tactics will see the light and come around, or choose a different profession.

Man, this is my day of clarification -- I'm not dissing the realtor who called us -- I just can't be bothered calling back for someone who may or may not exist, and who actively chose to go around us -- that's too weinie for me... and I'm sure you have guessed by now that I'm not big on befriending 'weinies'... ha,ha,ha! I like nice, strong, confident folk. Nothin' wrong with that...! And that's why I like YOU so very much -- you exude confidence, my favorite quality!

Tip of the Day: If you're a Parent and your kid is always after you for Pop (okay, this is me and the lovely wee Aidan...), and they're still small enough that you can pull one over on them, and they don't realize it (!), try this -- Pour some Pop (Aidan is calling it 'Sody Pop', these days... that really breaks us up! ha,ha!) into a small Creamer part of the 'Sugar & Cream' Set -- for the life of me, I can't remember what the normal name for them is... anyway, pour the pop into a smallish container with a Spout. Then give 'said child' a very small glass or cup that they can use to pour the pop into. One, they will enjoy controlling their own drinks, and two, it's good practice for hand-eye co-ordination. Then I always serve any sugary drinks with a 'Side Order' of Water. Aidan calls it his 'Water Chaser'... now look who's ready to hit the Bar when he's 18...!! A mere 12 years away! ha,ha! They 'take a swig of pop, then a swig of water...'. Now isn't that fabulous parenting?? ha,ha! I call it, "Living in the Real World!" It's my own special technique...

Now let me go get you some pictures! Be right back!

So here we have the sneaky way of giving your Kid less Pop, followed by a Water Chaser! They think they're getting their pop, and having some fun...

** **


There's Aidan giving me the 'Thumbs Up'! See how happy?? ha,ha! And then there's a tiny bowl of Chips -- it's all in the size of the container... worth a try, if you want to moderate how much of any particular thing your child is eating or drinking.... I don't think this'll work with Gin an' yo' spouse, but you never know... might be worth a try! ha,ha!

Thanks for swingin' in for a wee visit, today! Always lovely to see you!

Pop in tomorrow, and we'll have a little chat!

Later, Baby, Ailsa!!

I thought you might know someone, or be someone, who might find this useful!! Oh, and I added all sorts of things to my Online Education Page -- I still have some stuff I want to add to it, but have a wee look and let me know what you think! I firmly believe that Online Education, and finding Regular Post Secondary Institutions Online, is the wave of the future... check back in 10 years and we'll see if I was right! ha,ha!

Monday, April 19th, 2004. Hey, Baby! What's Up?? Did you have a great Weekend? I hope so. We finally got to the Hardware Stores to get the Materials to Build the Mantelpiece. I wanted to build it, yesterday, but Cara really wanted to go shopping, so I took her into Town (makes us sound like little Country Bumpkins, but I enjoy saying it for fun! ha,ha!). Anyway, I thought Dwight might have gotten a head start on the Fireplace, but instead he watched a bunch of movies -- everyone needs a day off just to poke around, so that was good. And I scored some fabulous Shoes and a gorgeous new Suit -- now I just need to find somewhere to wear them! ha,ha!

Hey, did I tell you I was going to send Ellen Degeneres a Four Leaf Clover, sinc eshe mentioned them on her Show one day, and I have an unusual ability to spot a 4 Leaf Clover almost anywhere I go...? We have them all around this house -- maybe that makes me lucky -- I'll be sure to let you know! ha,ha! Anyhoooo, I finally got around to mailing it, so we'll see where that leads -- my big hope is that Ellen gets the 4 Leaf Clover, and has me come down to find one for her 'directly'! ha,ha1 Or maybe one of her 'People' will click on my Site and discover us all in here, chatting about construction and life... who knows. You'll never be found if you don't go out there and introduce yourself, right??

I'm Coloring my Hair as I write -- yes, I'm a Low-Mainentance kind of gal! I like to do everything myself -- who has the time to go out to get these things done? And speaking of that, Cara went to get her hair done at the Hair Dresser's on the weekend, and last night she cut a little more off, herself, since really, she looked pretty much the same when we left the Hairdressers... anyway, we were watching The Sopranos, and no kids are allowed downstairs into the Theatre Room when we're watching any 'Adult Shows', so she had to wait until I was finished watching that to show me what she had done to her hair... so I got out my trusty scissors and fixed Cara's Hair -- now it looks fabulous! Funny. We both have long hair, and that's sooo easy to manage on your own. So now she's just gonna let me do her hair - it's easier and I'll give Cara the money we would have paid the Hairdresser.

And speaking of The Sopranos -- did you watch that last night? If you did, did you happen to notice the Sign over Christahfah's Desk? (Yes, pronounce Chrissie's name phonetically!! ha,ha!) 'Expect Miracles'! Right after he beat the crap out of his new AA Buddy! Hilarious. You want to stay positive when you're a druggie in The Mob. First things, first, 'n all...! ha,ha,ha!

Okay, I better get this color stuff out of my hair, or who knows how blond I'll be ... and yes, I'm blond by choice, not by genetics, and I'm completely okay with that! And lookie how smart I is! ha,ha,ha!

Okay, be back in a bit, blonder and bettererer...! Here's something to click on while you're waitng -- I'm sure there's an AA Group in there, too, if you are also a Troubled Mobster with positve attitude! ha,ha!

Visit and discover ALL the answers to YOUR health questions!>

Tip of the Day: It's a Jewelry Tip, since I just discovered it, yesterday! After we got home from Shopping, Cara and Aidan wanted to pop into the Hot Tub, and I never wear any jewelry in the Hot Tub, so I thought there might be a nice and easy way to clean my Gems up while I was in the Tub... and that's how I figured it out. So here's the Tip. One: Get a Hot Tub... ha,ha! Just kidding! (Really, you would enjoy it, though, if you haven't already got one...) No, no. Just get a small container -- as always, I used Plumbing Parts, because we happen to have a lot of that sort of thing around the house... anyway, pour some Shampoo into the small Container and add a wee bit of Water. Stir it and drop all your jewelry into the mixture. Put it somewhere safe where some idiot (you know the one in your house who is most likely to throw out something important to you...) doesn't throw out your gorgeous jewelry... Let them soak in the Shampoo for however long you like,them clean and rinse them off with a Toothbrush -- preferably an old one... your choice, really! ha,ha! It'll make your Diamonds and Other Assorted Gems Glimmer!!

Rats, Dwight's home early, so I can't stay on the computer any longer... I think I have to go help him unload a Load of Gravel... I know, you wish you could trade lives with me, 'cause you love manual labor more than anything -- you should also like working for free... goes with the Territory! ha,ha!

Hmmm, let me see if I can find some fast pictures before I go outside...

Here are some Hot Tub Shots -- and that's Dwight in the Tub on the day we had to Crane the thing back out of the Deck to replace all the Pipes that froze because Dwight didn't hook the thing up fast enough when we first installed it, and they all froze. Well, one of the Pipes Froze, but we just replaced them all for good measure. Saves money in the long run, since it's about $700. to change everything out, so you really want to keep that to a minimum. See how Toys can be expensive??

** **

We were all laying about in the Tub the other night, and Dwight says, "This Tub has cost us $1200. a Float..." Yes, he's a barrel of laughs... so now we'll have to really use the Tub all the time to justify the cost. Could be more difficult jobs! ha,ha,ha!

Thanks for popping in for a little visit! See you tomorrow!

Later, Baby! Ailsa!!

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See ya', Baby! Ailsa!

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I love this Ad for Spongebob Squarepants Screensavers because on of my very favorite Spongebob scenes is where Spongebob is secretly watching a Show of Jellyfish like it's a porn movie, when Gary the Snail comes in the room and Spongebob yelps at getting caught watching 'something bad' and quickly changes the channel so Gary can't see it ... Hilarious!

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