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Monday, August 23rd, 2004. Hey, Sugah'! How you doin'?? Hope you had a nice Weekend! Hey, you know what? I think this is the Birthday of one of my Bridesmaids in my first wedding...we just saw a whole Wedding Fiasco on The Casino, last night, to. Here's the weird thing about big fancy Weddings -- quite often, you choose your Best Friends to be in the Wedding Party with you, then by the end of the Wedding, itself, the friendship is over and you never see them again. Bizzare, but true. On The Casino, the Maid of Honor (questionable...) and the 'Runner Up Bridesmaid' are fighting like dogs. It's lovely. Nothing like good friends rallying behind the Bride...

It's a funny thing when you're asked (or you have to ask) to stand up for another couple -- usually the girlfriends either don't like the 'new husband', or they like him a whole lot, if you know what I mean (!), so either way, it can't possibly work out. And even if you start out okay, by the time you've put in all that extra time to support someone else's relationship, and paid for all the ugly crap they make you buy, you can't be bothered seeing them again in the future. Until years go by, and you start to wonder ,"What ever happened to whats-her-name"... There was a section in the book I just read over the last week, Sula, where the Main Character is the Bridesmaid, then ends up not seeing her Best Friend after the Wedding until 10 years later, when all hell breaks loose. (Good Book, by the way, and now I'll have to go read the rest of Toni Morrison's works...) So it seems to be a running theme in things I'm reading and watching, these days.

And I finally got a letter from the charming Canadian Government Bureaucracy to say that indeed I am married, since I've had a terrible time with this one particular Agency who kept saying I wasn't married, and when I called to finally talk to them about it (because God Forbid these people actually make it easy to communicate and solve problems by providing an e-mail address and a name...), some creepy guy kept calling me "Miss" in a really snide voice. That's what you wnat in a Government Worker in the Public Relations Department -- one shot of Meanness and two shots of Snide...(See how The Casino has rubbed off on me??) ha,ha,ha! Anyway, the issue was around my last name, since I didn't change it when Dwight and I got married, and we were married in Santa Barbara, California, so apparently the Records didn't show up in Canada. But it's all over our Joint Tax Returns, so why they didn't Cross-Check is beyond me. The good thing is that we don't have to pay back this big bill that we shouldn't have gotten in the first place, so that's a relief.

The Bridesmaid thing is a strange phenomenon, though, and I can't think of any marriages, off hand (no, not just my own! ha,ha,ha!) where theat didn't happen. It shouldn't be 'the kiss of death' for a Friendship, but so often, it is. Even if the Bride pays for all the Dresses, Shoes, Jewelery, etc., there's still the huge time commitment and total focus on the Bride (who can sometimes be just a tad demanding), and if there are more than one or two 'Runners up' Bridesmaids, you gots yourself another big fight on yer hands. Just what you want for the Happy Day... that's why I liked the whole Elopement thing a whole lot better, then you can throw a 'Welcome Home' Party with very little stress when you get home. But everyone has to do what they feel is best, and you can contact people so much easier now via e-mail (unless they work for the Gov't...), so it's easier to 'make up' after the Wedding. Or try to avoid frustrations before it -- good luck with that, though! Fun to watch it unfold on TV, though -- and something new to watch rather than all those old Repeats (like we're being punished for not going away on Vacation...)

I've been looking at a lot of different House Plans, lately. It's so hard to decide what wil be next for us ... or me ... or, it's a very tough decision. Do I go with something much Smaller and therefore much easier to sell, when that time comes, again, (I'll never stay in the same place forever...), or do we move to an in-betwen place and get ready for another Big Build? I wish I had a clear-cut view on this, but I don't, as is the way with many things in Life. And I couldn't find my old copy of Richard Bach's Illusions, yesterday, so I wonder who I lent that out to? Now I'll need to get myself another Copy -- I think over the years I've bought at least 50 copies of that book, since I give it out a lot, and send it along to friends as a Gift, too. I'm thinking that if I read through Illusions, again, it might give me a lttle more clarification, which I badly need.

Tip of the Day: It's better to prepare for any possibility so you're ready should it ever present itself, so I'm going to go ahead and get all the Paperwork done in preparation for any 'really big move', just in case. There's nothing more annoying for yourself than having an opportunity pass you by because you didn't follow through with the preliminaries when you had plenty of time, then have to rush with it when it's almost too late. So with that priciple in mind, I better go gather up some papers that I need to submit to get my Credentials Evaluated for the American System. That's a good thing to do if you are ever considering Immigrating to a New Country. Whether you use it or not, you'll get a clear view of what another Country thinks of your Credentials, so you can go ahead and add any new Course-work, if necessary, before you move. Anyway, it can leave a Door Open, just in case you need or want to use it...

Well, we haven't seen the Deer around for a while, but look who showed up, yesterday -- a Pair of Golden Eagles! They were playing around on the road in front of our House -- wonder if they are a 'Good Sign'!

** **

That's our House for Sale Sign -- we had it made up at a local Print Shop, then built the Wooden Sign at home.Aren't the Trees pretty? It's like living in a Park, out here -- I'm definitely gonna miss that! Oh, and I can't really tell very many birds apart -- Robins, Meadowlarks, Chickadees -- those are my favorites... Dwight was very, very excited about seeing these Golden Eagles. He said we have Bald Eagles out here, too, a little further outside of Town.

Thanks for popping in for a wee visit, today! I'll be back in a bit with some new pictures -- promise!

Later, Baby! Ailsa!!

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It's The Weekend! Sat. & Sun., August 21st & 22nd, 2004. Hey there, You! Good Lookin'! And Smart, too -- what a Combo! Cara's watching Jerry McGuire (neither of us have seen it, amazingly enough...), and we're just at the part where Tom Cruise is beltin' out the words to Free Fallin'. Funny. I had that Tape in my car when I moved down to California, and I used to love singing along to that, too, with a great feeling that you finally got away, broke free...were moving on, so that song is just perfect for that. There's just some music that makes you feel like you're doing the right thing, making the right decision... must find a song like that, now! ha,ha! Actually, I'm very fond of this new (or 'new to me'!) song, "I Still Believe in Love" (but not not with you, you know it's true... something like that!). Must find out who the Artist is -- I'll have to ask Cara -- teenagers know this stuff instinctively! ha,ha!

Man, I'm gonna miss this configuration of the Living Room/Office thing where I can work away and still watch anything on TV that I want to, or whatever someone else wants to watch... it'll be tricky to score this set-up, again. One thing we could possibly do to accomodate my insatiable TV need (and because I love to work all the time, too...) is to develop the Lower Level of any new house we find. We won't be building immediately when we sell this house. The next stop will be an 'Intermediary Move', while we get ready for whatever is next for us. In the last house, we were able to sell it and stay there while we built this house, but we have too much money sunk into this house to pull that off, again. That was a sweet deal at the time, though, and we were lucky to have been able to arrange that.

I'm not nearly as dizzy as I was yesterday, so I hope that was a fleeting thing -- but you know how it is when you aren't feeling like your regular self -- you immediately think that you'll never feel any better, and this is it for the rest of your life... Our Brains betray us whenever we get sick, I think! I always practice that whole 'Positve Thinking' thing whenever I'm not feeling well, though -- "Oh, I think I'm starting to feel better, already..." It's designed to fool your body into thinking that YOU believe you're getting better, so it might as well join in, and quit being sick. Occasionally, that works! It's a little weird, but you're most likely all alone when you do that, and you don't have to be really crazy and say it out loud ... just say it in yo' head!

So in between the Positive Thinking bit, I was laying in my bed with my head spinning out of control (horrible feeling), wondering how I would ever be able to pack up all our stuff if I feel like this forever (that was a moment of not-so-positive thinking!). It made me remember that there are all sorts of circumstances in your life where you will feel like moving is right out of the question -- and that's generally when a move happens. It's the way of the world, me thinks! During Pregnancy, right after you've had a baby, when babies are little, when school has already started, right before a Split, right after a Split or a Loss of a Partner... so many times. If people waited for the perfect time to move, everyone would stay in exactly the same place they started for their whole lives. There's always something going on that seems tricky to get around.

The good news is that people are very adaptable -- surprisingly so. It's remarkable what we can get through and overcome, then come out the other side much happier. And if you still think you could be even happier, try moving again...and again, until you get it right. There's no harm in trying something out that you believe will work, but it doesn't, so you have to try again. That's the great part of having choices, right? I think during the Open House on Sunday, I'll read Illusions, again. It's a fabulours book for whenever there's a Change coming up in your Life, and I haven't read it for a while, although I have read it countless times. It's one of the few books that provides a different perspective each and every time you read it.

Thanks for swinging by for a little visit, today! Hope you have a fabulous Weekend. And if you're thinking about making a big (or little!) Change, I say, Gor For It, and let me know how it turns out for you! I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it'll be to adapt to whatever the new thing is!

Later, Baby! Ailsa!!

This is like One-Stop Shopping for 'The Moving Crowd' -- that's US! It's always good to have a solid handle on all the Costs involved in Moving, and see where you can get the best deals.


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Friday, August 20th, 2004. Hi, Honey! Welcome back Home! Oi, I'm sooo dizzy, today. I have no idea why, but this has been going on for about three days, now, and today is the worst. And just so's we're clear, I do mean 'dizzy' and not 'ditzy', since, really, that would be more of a 'life-long' problem, now wouldn't it?? ha,ha,ha! I made an appointment with the Doctor to get this checked out -- for next week, since I can't drive, today. Very weird. And when things like this happen (when you're body or brain are out of whack...) you tend to go over every little thing it might be, so of course I thought of that stooopid mosquito bite I got when we had to go to Dwight's Family Reunion in the a lake...Then I was trying to remember what I might have eaten differently -- I typically have a handful of Almonds around Lunch-time, and I skipped that for a couple of days, but that shouldn't lead to anything like this. And no, I haven't been on any drinking binge, but thanks for asking...! ha,ha!

I was gonna skip writing this, today, and opt for laying in bed all day, trying to stop the incessant spinning, but that just reminded me even more of what I wanted to write about... I found a place where you can buy a Personal Breathalizer for those times you are out somewhere and you need to test how much you've been drinking. (See how the spinning reminded me of this??) Man, there's many a time I could have used this over the years ... now I have a 'built-in Designated Driver' -- Dwight! We switch off, depending on the event. If it's something that I really want to go to, then he has to be the Designated Driver, and if it's more of an event for him, then it's my turn to be the Designated Driver...well, there's one more thing that's useful about marriage! ha,ha!

Okay, so here's a little 'Designated Driver' Story from my slightly colorful past... once I went to a School Function (those craaaazy Teachers!) and I was with my great friend, Liza, who is hilarious and a little 'over-the-top-extra-fun' sort of Gal... Anyway, we were going to swing by this first Party, then head out to the Clubs, but we ended up having sooo much fun at the Party with the Teachers, that we stayed all night -- until I had to be carried out to my car ... yep. Charming, I know! Thank God I have strong friends -- keep that in mind when you are looking for new friends to hang with -- "Now who in this Group could carry me out, if need be?" These are the things to think about if you have a bit of a wild streak...! But the bad thing was that I was the 'Designated Driver', but people kept plying me with took me three days to recover...

The very, very good thing was that Liza (the Wild One) saw what was happening, so there was an automatic switch in the Plans, and she became the Designated Driver... so the lesson to be learned from that night was that if the Designated Driver refers to themselves as 'The Deshigschnated Driber', you know you gots yourself a problem. So this little Personal Breathalizer is good for everyone in the Group, even the Designated Driver, since after you've been drinking, you won't be nearly as good a judge of character as you believe yourself to be... You could carry your own Personal Breathalizer to use yourself or have anyone who will be the Driver of the Vehicle you're getting a Ride Home in can use.

And this is another good time to bring up who is old enough to drink, and why Teenagers should definitely have these Devices. It's a lovely little fairytale world notion to think that no teenagers ever drink, but you know me -- I like to live in my own little make-believe world, but accept Reality for what it is, and deal with it effectively. (Hey, that's not a bad line of thinking for a dizzy chick! ha,ha,ha!) As always, I am surprised that so many people accept the different laws from State to State, Province to Province where the Drinking Age ranges from 18 to 21. Since this is an Election Year in the States, maybe this could be part of the Platform, and I guarantee more 'Young Voters' would make their way to the Voting Booths. I feel very strongly that if you are old enough at 18 to Get Married, Have Children, Got to College, Get a Full-Time Job, Go to War and Die for Your Country, then you're damn well old enough to have a drink legally. And that doesn't mean drinking irresponsibly, but that's not just age-oriented -- that's a personal choice at any age, and we all know that.

As a parent of a 16 year old, we make sure she isn't in an environment where problems can occur, and she knows that if she were ever to find herself in a difficult situation, any time of day or night, that she can call us and we'll drop whatever we're doing to come and get her. No questions asked -- until the next day...The important thing is to get the kid home safe and sound. Some families write up a Contract with their kids to do this -- and I would include a clause not to ever get into a vehicle with anyone who has been drinking, is crazy (angry) or too sleepy. Those three things can result in a terrible accident, so it's better to either Stay Put, Get a Cab, or try to find your Designated Driver. And make sure they are Sober...

Anyway, this is an amazing little Device, this Personal Breathalizer. This could single handedly save countless Lives and Accidents. I've mentioned before that I used to work with Clients who had suffered from Brain Injuries, and one of the most common causes of serious head injury is from Car Accidents. The Personal Breathalizer is tiny, easy to use and easy to carry around, so it's perfect to either bring with you when you go out, or leave in the Glove Compartment of your Vehicle. (Really, who leaves their Gloves in there?? They should rename that 'the little place where you shove all the papers you might look at one day if you ever have to reset the Radio' place.. but I suppose that is a bit long-winded...)

It's almost time for our Students to get Back to School (and Cara has 'decided' to go back to her 'Regular School' -- WooHoo! My little plan to make her life boring beyond belief if she were to be Home-Schooled worked! YaaHoo!), and I would love to see all those young folks heading off (or back...) to College to have one of these little Devices -- they make a great 'Parting Gift', for the 'Off to College' Crowd!

Oh, and one more tiny thing before I head back to bed... Women in particular have to be very careful about the amount of alcohol they consume, and they need to know how that has affected them. I know after I had Aidan, my Body Structure must have changed radically, and I hadn't had a drink for about two years (Pregnancy and Nursing...), so when I finally did go out for a Drink, I could really feel the effects of the alcohol very rapidly. So it doesn't always go along with the old notions of how much you weigh/how much you can drink... the way you react to Alcohol can vary according to all sorts of factors, so check yourself and any Driver before you get behind a Wheel, or let someone else get behind a wheel.

And another thing for girls -- don't be afraid of losing a Relationship because you don't want to challenge a Boyfriend or Husband if they insist on driving when they've been drinking. This guy's a schmuck, and you don't want to endanger yourself or anyone else by letting him drive to avoid a fight. Get out the car (or don't get in...), and go tell someone else -- preferably Male. You'll find someone much better -- trust me. And you'll be alive to do it.

I better get back to bed -- man, this is the craziest thing, this dizziness. Hope it doesn't last much longer...

Hey, and if you're going out for an 'Evening of Debachery', you can use the excuse to Eat, Eat, Eat...! It'll give that alcohol something to absorb itself into, and you'll have even more fun!

See you on the Weekend! I think we'll have an Open House -- just on Sunday -- Saturday is a crappy day for an Open House -- everyone is busy doing other things than Shopping for Houses! And, I should be a lot better by then...

See ya', Baby! Cheers! Ailsa!!

Here's the Link Link for you to get one of these Personal Breathalizers. It's called a Digital Alcohol Detector. Use the Coupon Code AILSA (recognize the Name?? ha,ha!) for an extra 5% Off! Scooore! We'll Save Lives AND Save Some Money!

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Thursday, August 19th, 2004. Hey, Baby-Cakes! My little Lemon Drop! I'm thinking about Lemon Drops because I was just about to start writing this, when I remembered that I bought my favorite Lemon Pie at Costco, yesterday, so I had to run upstairs to get me a little piece! ha,ha! Yum. It's the one with the Cheesecake layer at the bottom... now you'll have to run out to get some Lemon Pie -- or just swing by my place, and I'll share mine with you! Won't that be fun? And I'll show you the house I want to build next... although, every time I think ,"That's it. That's the one I want to build...", I think of why I want to do a new configuration of this house, since I have yet to find another home with everything this house has, and I think it'll be hard to live without all these fancy gadgets and features, later...

I had been so busy looking at this potential new house, that I had forgotten that I wanted to build over the Garage (with any luck, a five-car garage...) then next time around. The House Plan I had chosen would require a very large Lot, and it's hard to say how big the next Lot will be, especially if it's closer into the City. (Also, still have completely decided which City...) The house I chose is 112' Wide, and about 84' Deep. It's the Width that makes it tricky. This house is 136' Wide, but we were very lucky to find this Lot Shape -- the chances of that happening again are fairly slim. I find I've been dreaming -- literally -- about how I could reconfigure this house to make it fit into a City Lot. I was sitting in the Great Room, last night, trying to see where I could cut back the space in the Dining Room and Kitchen to a more 'normal' size, and still be fantastic... and where the Sunroom might go, since that's my favorite room. Lots to think about!

I like the idea of building right over the Garage area, though -- that seems like a really practical use of space. You have to build the area, anyway, and the roof line is just raised, so it seems quite economical, too. I had drawn out another Plan for this house a long time ago, but it would never fit on a city Lot, so that's what I need to work on, next. I'm thinking that if I could bring the Garage up to make an L Shape, and put the Bedrooms up over the Garage, that might make the house fit into a much smaller space. This house was originally designed to have the Garage and Bedrooms as 'wings' angled either to the Front or toward the Back, but this Lot Shape didn't allow for that, so it ended up straight across.

Tip of the Day: When you find a House Plan you really love, but then find out it won't fit onto the Lot that you have found, you can either reconfigure it yourself, then have a Draftsman or Architect make the changes formal, or you can hand the Plands over directly to see what a Professional can come up with. You might be better off trying to find a similar Plan that will fit into the Lot without a whole lot of modification -- and the least expensive way to buy House Plans is online - you can easily put in the exact measurements into their systems, and you'll be able to browse through all the styles until you find one you love. You can easily have the Plans modified by the Company you buy them from online, too, and it's still way less expensive than other way to get the House Plans you want.

Thanks for popping in for a wee visit, today! It's always so nice to see you!

Let me go get some nice new pictures -- be right back!

Here's what Dwight made while I was out mowing the Lawn on the Riding Lawn Mower the other day -- he actually wanted me to take pictures of it! ha,ha! Normally, Dwight gives me a really hard time about taking pictures of anything around here, especially for Recipes 'n stuff, but that all changed when he made something himself!

** **

Dwight does the vast majority of his cooking on the Barbeque, and we cook a lot of things with the old 'Tin Foil Package' Trick! Fish is particularly good when it's done on the BBQ, and that's a better way to cook it if you are, say, having an Open House the very next day... I had said to Dwight that I didn't want anyone (him...) to cook anything with a significant odour before the Open House, but the fish came out, anyway. Ah, well. At least he cooked it outside.

So the easy schmeasy directions are to Wash the Fish and put it in the middle of a large piece of Tin Foil. Put a little bit of Olive Oil on the Foil, first, so the Fish won't stick to the bottom.Drizzle the Fish with the juice of One Lemon, or just pour some on from the Bottle, throw in a few sprigs of Green Onions and slices of the Lemon, seal it all up and put it right on the BBQ. Meanwhile, put the Rice on (I love my new Rice Steamer -- great for Veggies, too!), and get the Veggies ready. Before you know it, your dinner is all ready, and the house still smells fine...

You know all the Diets that are out there? Wel, I will never, ever believe that Fruits & Veggies shouldn't always be in your diet -- that flies in the face of common sense to me. I believe that a nice balance of your Food Groups will keep you nice and healthy -- I always go with the 1/3, 1/3, 1/3 approach, like the third picture. There's nothing really wrong with any particular food, as long as you eat it in moderation. So it's 1/3 Meat (or Protein Substitute), 1/3 Veggies and 1/3 Rice, Potatoes or Pasta. And a Salad on the side, if you still have room. I have my Desserts in the morning, when I enjoy them more than after dinner when no-one has any room, anyway, and that gives you the whole day to 'work off' the Dessert, right?

Aidan's in my Office trying to turn my head toward the TV so he can show me more stuff he wants for his Birthday! Boys! Dwight does the same thing when he watches 'Wild On...'! ha,ha,ha! (Yes, that's for my own amusement!)

Later, Baby! Ailsa!!

Check this out -- I've been waiting for this Product Line to come out from Swiss Army, since I think it's the coolest thing on the Market for folks like me who need their computers all the time! I put it on my Back to School Page, too, since it's perfect for Students. I want one for when we go on Vacation. Very useful little Device!

<Banner USB>This hottest new product is the Swiss Memory Stick. It slides into any USB port, and works like an extra hard drive. Carry it from computer to computer. Also includes a knife with 7 tools, including a flashlight and pen.

I spent a good bit of time in the Motor Vehicle Department, yesterday, to renew my Driver's Registration, so I thought you might appreciate a Link so you don't HAVE to go and enjoy the fun in those slow, s-l-o-w line ups! ha,ha!

<DriversEd.com125x60><WebTrafficSchool 125x60>

<Take a Free DMV Practice Test!><The Learning Annex's WebTrafficSchool clears your driving record>

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Wednesday, August 18th, 2004. Yo, yo, yo...What up wit' my home-ies?? Ah, I never tire of that! ha,ha! Suddenly, we're all cool! Or cooler... Well, I was so disappointed that a new Episode of Trading Spouses wasn't on, last night. That's so annoying -- you get all excited (that's right, I have no real life, so that means I have to live vicariously through TV Shows! ha,ha!), thinking there's something other than the Olympics on, and whammo, it's another repeat. At least The Amazing Race was new -- my favorite Couple is Chip & Kim -- they are the only ones who are regularly kind to one another, so I would love to see them win the big prize. Plus, you rarely see couples truly kind to each other anymore... wonder what that's all about? (Hmmm... and I hope that's not just at my own house! ha,ha!)

Remember I was saying I was gonna pop into to see who is eligible for the Trading Spouses Show? Well, they are actively looking for Participants, right now, so click in to see if it could be for you -- wouldn't that be cool to be on TV -- then score Fifty Grand at the end of a mere week?? You have to have been a Resident of the U.S. for over a year, and obviously over 18... and your children have to be over the age of 5 -- my guess is so they can avoid the whole toilet training thing! ha,ha! That's mostly funny to any of the mothers out there who struggled with their children -- mostly boys - with the whole toilet training thing -- Thank God that's over with! I thought I might be sending someone (Aidan...)off to College with an extra pair of PullUps there, for a while! Anyway, it's worth a try, so check out the site and see if they are doing the 'In-Person' Auditions in an area near you. Drop me a line if you Enter -- it would be a riot to watch 'one of us' on TV!

Hey, did I mention that I made a Back to School Page? Yes, and I'm hoping that Cara, my lovely 16 year old who has stated that she's NOT going back to regular school, reads it. And gets excited about the prospect of returning to the normal world, where we get up in the morning and do some real work... Man, I've been trying to make the last few days painfully dull and full of household chores to make her see that it's not all a big ball of fun around here during the day... And I think it might be working. I'm going to take her into the Mall so she can check out all of her favorite Shops, too. I'm thinking I'll tell her I'll buy her whatever she wants if she is going to wear the clothes To SCHOOL! Yes, it's a well thought-out plan, which will culminate in Cara going back to school! ha,ha,ha!

And I was able to find the right person to get some information about Aidan being taught at home, at least for the next little while. He's 4, and his Birthday is September 11th (I know -- what a legacy for the poor little guy...Maybe he's here to make a big difference..). It's not that I don't think he's old enough to go to school, but I don't think that Aidan is capable of transferring from one bus to another. Plus, I have no idea when this House will sell, and if it happened to sell quickly, there's not much point in putting Aidan into a class for a month or so, then moving him. If there is a simple solution of me just teaching him whatever Modules he would have at school, then so be it. Home Schooling is becoming a viable alternative for many families, so it might work for us for the time being, too. I'll let you know how that goes!

Tip of the Day: Check into Home Schooling for yourself, too. I am slightly obsessed with the whole notion of Online Education, because it has become increasingly more difficult to get into Universities and Colleges, Nationwide. I am concerned that all the people who are great candidates for Professional Careers will think they can't go into their chosen Profession because they can't get into the College they had their heart set on (or whatever University is in their Home Town...). One of the best laughs I've had at an Alumni Event for my old Alma Mater, Queen's University (one of the Top Universities in Canada), was when someone jokingly said hardly any of us at that event would even have been there if the Current Standards of Admission had been in place back when we went. And that's true! I only knew a handful of people who actually had a 94% Average -- who gets that sort of an Average? How well rounded would they really be, to study that hard to get those kinds of Grades?

My big concern is that we won't have enough creative types out there in the business world, and Lord Knows those are the ones who come up with the innovative ideas. Online University provides an opportunity for almost anyone to continue on with their Education, so if you want a Degree (or Two or Three Degrees... like me!), you have the chance to try it. You can prove yourself worthy of the Degree by doing well on the First Course, then take it from there. Before you know it, you'll be Fully Degreed and ready to get a fantastic job! And all from the comfort of your own home -- but I do suggest going out and getting some sort of cute new outfit, just in case you need to go out on a Pub Crawl, or something... ha,ha,ha!

Okay, better get going! Thanks for swingin' by to see me -- have I mentioned how youthful you look, today? Not just 'useful', but truly 'youthful'... which reminds me of one of my favorite things to say to Dwight -- that he's 'youthless', then we laugh ourselves silly, partly because we're both not getting any younger, and partly because we're ridiculously easily amused! ha,ha,ha!

Later, Baby! Ailsa!!

Well, I'm sure you know why I like a little Steroid joke every now and then! ha,ha,ha!

< ><NetZero HiSpeed - Get high-speed surfing for only $14.95 per month!>

And I thought I was getting a good deal at $24.95 a month for my ludicrously slow Internet Service -- I'm going to sign up for this as soon as my current Contract runs out! Of course,they can't market like that --"Sign up with us -- you won't believe how slow we really are..." I can't wait to get a new Provider, now! And when we left 'The Big City", the Cable Internet price for High Speed ADSL was $49.95 a month, so this is a great deal!

Cool Freebies!

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